Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Think of the poor toeless wombats

Hello there! Merry Christmas everyone! I figured I should probably share what I got in my secret santa swap that we did in the FGF Insanity group on ravelry. Zortified sent me my package, and I LOVE IT! I'm so sad though. I sent my package to my person a little late because I was sick... and she went on vacation before she got it. :(

But anyway, here's what I got. A skein of Lorna’s laces (that’s the yellow. sock. yarn. I love yellow. I’m so in love), a skein of elizabeth lavold silky tweed in like a jean color but it’s got a little green tint to it? lol and a ball of sugar and creme, and a skein of sirdar denim tween in like a pink granite variegated color AND a skein of handpainted sock weight yarn but it’s handwash only so no socks, but it’s like a green and brown and…. it’s really pretty and soooo SOFT I felt it and I went *gasp* lol. There was also a package of pink beads, a package of magnetic beads which are awesome, a bar of Pike Place Espresso Dark Chocolate… yes, it’s still here, it’s not in my belly. Yet. I’m gonna save that for a bad day. :) AND a little handmade bag which I love that had stitch markers in it! They’re little fall leaves. I love them, so pretty. And a card that says “Not listening!” Which is totally me! Did I get spoiled or what? Thanks again Zort! :)

For Christmas, I made my Sister-in-Law Nancy a Wisp, but just simple, without the buttonholes or buttons. Just a simple scarf. It's so pretty and soft and I ALMOST couldn't give it to her. Here it is all finished. Sorry the picture color is a little weird, but the scarf color is accurate.

The yarn is Malabrigo Lace, and the needles were size 8 straights. I made it just a little over 5 feet long. I LOVE this yarn. Oh, it took less than half a skein. So little yarn.

My mother in law got me this yarn for Christmas. It's supposed to be sock yarn but it's more like a light sport weight. It's from Alaska. The yarn is called Marvelous Merino and the color is Dark Winter Nights. I love it. So so pretty.

She also got me a bank, yes a bank, that has balls of yarn on it and says "Knitting Money." It's very cute.

Then last night and today I made one of these paper snowflakes. It's HUGE. Here it is.

So pretty. The only problem is my blue glue didn't dry clear like it was supposed to. So... there are blue spots on it which really stinks.

Have a good holiday everyone!

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