Friday, December 14, 2007

Hey... is that the guy that smells like cheese?

I am so behind on all of my knitting obligations lately. It's driving me crazy. I'm working on three sock patterns at once (one at the swatching stage, one still in the planning stage, and the other is floating around in my brain waiting for something to get finished so I have time to think lol) to hopefully sell for charity donations to benefit *an AIDS hospital in South Africa. Plus there's the coaster pattern which is DONE except the writing up. And I need to take pictures of the beautiful, wonderful, incredible thing Krystal did for me for Christmas. And the yarn. Oh man the yarn. Anyway, to check one thing off of my knitterly obligations list, I give you the dropped stitch tutorial, especially for Krystal so she doesn't have to ask me every time. lol

This is pretty easy, once you do it a whole bunch (ask me how I know).

So you're knitting along....

And OOOPS! You've dropped a stitch. Before you can say "Bob's your uncle!" that slippery little bugger has laddered down a bit. Now now, no cursing unless you're cursing because you just now realized you don't HAVE an Uncle Bob.

Just grab a crochet hook big enough to grab your yarn without splitting it and small enough to not stretch your stitches out too much.

And stick it through the dropped stitch from the front to the back.

(From this point the pictures get crappy and I apologize. The digital camera really hates me)

And then, putting the hook behind the ladder...

Pull the ladder back through the dropped stitch.

Repeat this for every ladder you have. (Each ladder representing one row of knitting)

The stitch will be twisted the wrong way now (which is what these two pictures are supposed to show you but fail spectacularly at) so you'll need to orient it properly on your needle when you put the stitch back on the left hand needle.

And that's it. You can just keep knitting like normal. Really. Crisis over. Call Uncle Bob over and have a drink. Or two, depending on how many stitches we had to pick up here.

*None of the charity plans are completely solidified yet, so that's the tentative plan

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