Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*sigh* I'll get the hose...

Hey guys! Remember the ABC Along? That I was keeping track of? Well, I remembered it today, and I just realized I didn't do a J. I couldn't think of anything. So...

J is for... Jewelry!

That is a small selection of my jewelry. I have recently had a couple of jewelry parties in which I got lots of free stuff so I have a lot. It's just kinda scattered. I love wearing it, it makes me feel so much better about myself. And everyone compliments me. It's so great!

And, since this is the second post today, just a quick update so you can see the cuteness... I finished one of the heels on my stripy socks!

Aren't they enchanting? I LOVE them!!

Taylor Hanson's my cult leader

Hello there!! How is everyone? (Ya know, all 3 of you who read this. Hi! *waves*) Sorry, I've had... erm... a bit of caffeine today. So, yesterday was a rockin day for me! I got lots of stuff in the mail again. Not as much as that one day but... I got a handmade dpn roll from my friend Tracy (aka Psst, aka Psst the sniper...)! There were also some suckers that were handmade by her daughter.

There's only one sucker now. Did I mention I like suckers? :) Isn't that so cute? I didn't get a picture of the inside but if you want to see it you can go here. I LOVE it. Thanks again Tracy!!

I also get some stitch markers in the mail. I can't show you some of them cause I'm sharing them with Angie, and I sent them already so she should get them in like a year (border guards SUCK) but I can show you these ones!

They're dominoes! Those have a special place in my heart cause my dad and I play, and Angie and I used to play, and it just makes me happy to see the little dominoes.

I also made a lot of progress (for me) on the stripy socks from Sunday.

I am seriously completely enchanted with these socks. I LOVE the striping. Love it. Looking at it on the screen, there's almost a weird green stripe going around them, which is really weird cause I don't see that in the actual socks. Weird...

What's everyone else up to?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

You probably have to go to Mexico for that

Hello there! What did you guys do this weekend? Didn't do much here yesterday, just watched OSU lose to Penn state. :( Then today, besides watching Pittsburgh lose to the Giants (which wasn't actually that bad... I mean, it sucks because I'm a Steelers fan, but it's ok because I really like Eli Manning) I went to my sister's house. At her house, it was Trick or Treating tonight, and I got to pass out candy. It was... alright. Not the most exciting thing, and the kids were kinda rude (most of them don't even say anything but "thank you." When I was a kid, I had to say "Trick or Treat" and thank you or else I didn't get to keep walking around.) but I got to see some cool costumes including, and I kid you not, a girl dressed as a shower. She had one of those circular shower curtain rods with a curtain on it mounted somehow on her shoulder. Very funny. My nephews were Darth Vador and a Clone. They're practically obsessed with star wars.

Me? I was a black cat. See?

There's a better picture, blurry wise, but I like my hair better in this one, so it wins. My sister and brother in law didn't dress up, but they were in their Cleveland Browns clothes. I said "Oh, god, you're going as Brown's fans? That's fricken scary."

Anyway, I realized today that I haven't shown you a picture of my Gelato socks. I'm working them two at a time, but not both of the same sock. I'm doing that one, and a secret sock I can't show you cause it's for Angie for Christmas. But I can show you this one.

Pretty, no? It's on my new sock blocker from The Loopy Ewe. I also got the Duet Skinny sock yarn that I'm making my newest socks, Anastasia socks, out of. I'm doing these two at a time on magic loop using a size 1.5 circular needle from knit picks. I. Love. This. Needle. This yarn may be a little expensive, but it's worth it. It's spun neatly and I really really like it.

Yeah, I know, not much, but it's a start yes?

Friday, October 24, 2008

That's actually not as weird as the brother thing

Hey there good peeps! I thought I'd pop out a quick blog post to let you all know what I've been up to. First of all, I wanted to let you know that I have chosen a name for my snail. This is big news, yes? Stephanie told me that her son was calling him Heinrich, so I asked her to please ask him if I could keep it, as I think Heinrich is a BRILLIANT name for a snail. She said that he said it was ok with him, as long as I pronounce it the German way. I'm pretty sure I am, so Heinrich it is! He also told me that I should "take care of my salad" which I'm assuming means to watch my salad. So cute!!

I started a different tablecloth for my mom out of laceweight that I dyed for MS4 but since I'm not making it, I decided to use it for this. The pattern is called "Mommes Lysedug" which translates, I think, to "Mothers give out light" which is just really really beautiful. Here's what it looks like so far.

I've also been all about the baby hats lately. Can't get enough. See?

The top one is a Zeebee, and the yarn is Dreambaby DK, on size 5 needles. It's for Angie's future baby girl, Clair. The bottom two are both this pattern (rav link) in Bernat Baby Jacquards, on size 3. I LOVE them. A lot. I want more of them. Lots and lots more of them.

As you can see in the picture of the tablecloth, my sister got me a manicure for my birthday. Well, the paint was all chipping so I wanted to redo them, but my hands were too unsteady to do red, it looked like crud, so I did this.

How cool are they? :)

Have a good weekend!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am many copycats

I got my birthday swap package today! It came from Stephanie in Germany!! I got the mail today and there was a big pink package! I opened it up to find this.

Which is completely full of all of this stuff!

There is so much stuff in the package that it took me almost 10 minutes just to examine it all! First, there was a pair of fingerless gloves which I absolutely LOVE!

There was yarn...

That's a skein of sock yarn, and two balls of baby merino. I love those two, they're so soft! And sock yarn! I love sock yarn. Sock yarn rocks lol.

There was also a tape measure and a needle gauge, and the cutest little snail! I LOVE him! I don't know why it's a he, since he has a pink body, but he is. I love him!!

Look at the close up of the snail. He doesn't have a name yet. What should I call him?

There are also a TON of sweets. I am so seriously spoiled.
Yummy... and...

More sweets! Including some chocolate covered cherries that are alcoholic, which I did not know until I bit into one and I choked on it lol! So good. Yummy... also, some candles.

Consider me spoiled. Thank you so much Stephanie!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

There are no purple dudes in "Pirates of the Carribean"

Ok so today was such an awesome day! First, I went to work, which sucked. But my husband went and got me a Kroger cake (the BEST ever!) and then I spent the next 4.5 hours doing absolutely nothing and getting paid for it! It rocked. But I was bored. See... no one came into the shop in the whole 4 and a half hours. No one called. I was all alone and bored and I couldn't stand it so I called my boss and she said I could leave, so my friend Jen came and picked me up. We went to Joann's with the little girls she watches. It was cool. She gave me this for my birthday.

That's a cool straight needle case and some mouse stitch markers that she made. Look how cute they are!

They're AWESOME! So cute. Love them.

Then I had two hours to myself before I left for my friend Kara's jewelry party. We had fun too, and I got some more pretty jewelry. It was a lot of fun!

Tomorrow my sister and I are going somewhere, I don't know where, and then we're going to watch the Buckeye game and have some pizza with her fam and my mom. Sounds fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're all like, dude and stuff

So, yay, it's my Birthday! I'm 23! Today, for my birthday, I get to work all day, and then go to my friend Kara's jewelry show. Fun fun! But, I did get some AWESOME mail yesterday. First, I got my order from knitpicks, including this yarn...

And another kind of yarn that's for socks for Angie. It's secret. I'm making the first sock from both socks at once. Instead of both socks from the same pair at once. Thought I'd mix it up. Plus when I'm done I'll have two pairs lol. Then, the next thing I opened was this.

It's a project bag and a birthday card, both handmade, from my friend Snapper! That's Paula to the "real" world. :) She sent it to me just because she ROCKS and it's my birthday! Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks again snapper!

Then, the NEXT thing I opened was my Autumn fingerless gloves fanatics swap package! It came from Tasha, and she spoiled me rotten!

I got the pattern for Roman Holiday Mitts which are gorgeous, and I had never seen them I don’t think. I also got some chocolate, some tea (mmm tea… and in my fave flavors too) and a traveling knitting bag that is GREEN and so nice! I love it! Oh yeah, and the bestest best best best part! Malibrigo!!! And it's PINK! Isn't it delicious looking?? I LOVE it! Thanks again Tasha!

So, yesterday, I finished the Noro socks. That's right. It took me TWELVE days to make a pair of socks. It's like a world freakin record. I need an award or something.

They pattern is Garden Path socks by Wendy Johnson. The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock.

Well, technically, the lace pattern is from the Garden Path Socks. The rest of the sock I just kind of made up to fit me. I love this yarn but it has almost no stretch and that's irritating.

Also, they're so hideous, they're gorgeous! lol! I totally love them. Hey, look, bonus picture!

Anyway, everyone have some cake today ok? It's my birthday and I LOVE my birthday! Yay!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not every carpenter is Jesus!

Hello there peeps! Not much to say. But I have a quick tutorial (not really. A joke tutorial) and some ooooooh pretty pictures. First, the fake tutorial.

How to get a new pair of socks from an old sock and some Stash.

1.) Find an old pair of socks or an old sock that doesn't have a mate but does have a corresponding ball of yarn. I went with option two.

That is one crappy looking sock.

2.) Find the end, and hope to god or whoever you pray to that you did not know how to weave in ends when you made said crappy sock. I did not, although I did do something interesting with the grafted toe... but regardless. Find something to wrap the yarn around into a mini skein. Begin unwinding until the whole sock is on said "thing" you're wrapping the yarn around. In this case, the legs of a TV tray.

3.) Wind the new mini skein and the old crappily wound ball into new crappily wound balls.

4.) Knit! I haven't taken a picture of this because it hasn't happened yet. Use your imaginations.


Ok, that was totally lame. Look, pretty!

That is a new pair of Garden Path socks. Remember the old ones from last year? Yeah they don't look like a pair but they look more like a pair than this pair does. It totally looks like I just grabbed two random balls and started knitting. It's the Noro sock yarn that was going to be cabled socks but didn't like being them so they get to be something else. Look, you can see the pattern!!

For those of you who thought you wouldn't be able to see a pattern - *cough* Angie *cough* - told you so!!

Off to bed now!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

When have I eaten a telephone?

Hey there! Bet you can't guess who this is! *grin* Noooo, it's not Krystal... it's Angie. No, I'm not dead. If I were Krystal would have at least mentioned it. I hope. lol

So, knitting... dear god there has been so much that I can't even begin to start. I knitted Olivia a sweater and mittens for her birthday but I didn't get any pictures of her modeling them and didn't take pictures before they were wrapped up. This is all I have.

That's Olivia modeling her daddy's birthday socks and reading one of the books DH and I got her for her birthday. Don't mind the yellow spot, her mummy missed with the vitamin drops! lol

And then I started a project that I absolutely love. This project has been gestating in my mind for at least a year. Maybe longer, I'm not sure. It's the Peacock Feathers Shawl (rav link) by Dorothy Siemens. I'm using some zephyr laceweight that's been marinating in the stash for a few months now, in "basil". It isn't the perfect color but the only yarn I have in that turquoise color that I think of when I think of peacocks is merino oro and I figured if I'm going to do a shawl that enormous then I'd better do it in something I love. (By the way, the yarn harlot just finished her version of this shawl and it's gorgeous. Give popping over there and having a look a thought)

First far away

Then closer

Then closer still, just to see the detail

This is up to the first row of chart three. It's so lovely. And that's an addi turbo lace needle. I ordered it from my new favorite yarn store. I've been going to the Prairie Lily here in Saskatoon every other week, usually on Friday. The nice lady who owns it actually knows when DH gets paid and expects me on the proper day. *laugh* I love it. I didn't go there a lot before because the stock just wasn't up to what I prefer in a yarn store but there's a new owner now and she definitely takes suggestions. I lamented the lack of good laceweight and a month later? There's a whole SHELF of zephyr and two binders full of lace patterns. Yeah baby! I'll bring the camera with me next time to take a picture. It's wonderful. lol

Anyway, that's what I'm up to. I'm knitting other things but I figured if I blogged about it all at once tonight I wouldn't blog again later. lol So in my next post: Dad's "run deer run!" gloves, a yarn review, and some new fingerless gloves for me. Once I finish the gloves. Yeah, that'll happen. *grin*

PS Hi grandma! I love you! Look up there at what you caused. Geez, all that knitting and crocheting around me had an effect.

PPS Gratuitous Olivia picture!