Thursday, May 14, 2009

You are 46% Bacon

Today is MAY 14TH.  MAY 14TH!!!!

Why am I so worked up about today's date?  Here's how I was dressed to go for a walk tonight.

Confused?  Here, here's another hint

Why yes, that is snow.  I think I died and went to hell.  Except I believe in reincarnation.  *cracks up*

Anyway, I didn't blog to show you that.  I blogged to show you this.

That's Olivia's birthday sweater.  Well, it's the first one.  I want to make another one that has a hood.  Probably a tomten like last year (there aren't any pictures of the tomten there.  Apparently I didn't get any.  Just Olivia's first birthday pics).  It's Bernat Baby Sport in "Rosey Posey".  I'd say the color is close in that picture.  It's just a tiny bit lighter than that.  I loved knitting this sweater and I think I managed to crank it out in 48 hours.  I'm not sure.  I used size 8 needles to get 4.5 spi so that it would come out around a size 3/4.  It's actually a little shorter than I planned because I failed to account for the weight of the sweater stretching it out when I did my last measurement before starting the garter on the bottom.  Oh well, I don't imagine it'll fit for long anyway.  I hear she's a chunky little monkey.  *smile*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

You're a zombie, haha!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while for me at least, but life has been rough. My husband lost his job, and so we have to move. It really stinks, we're going to be staying with my mom for a few weeks, and it's going to be sooooooo hard on me. So, as a reprieve, or just because I can, I made a bunch, and I mean, a BUNCH of baby booties.

The green ones are crocheted, yeah, I CROCHETED them. They're mock baby crocs. I used cotton-ease in lime, and a size h hook. The other two in that picture and these two...

Are seamless saarje's booties, aka (in Angie's post...) those "hard to pronounce booties." These ones, the green and pink ones, are my favorites.

The red and gray ones are made from Claudia Hand painted in the special buckeye colorway; the blue, green, and purple ones are Bernat Sox in color Hippi Hot; the pink and green ones, and the purple and yellow ones, are Bernat baby jacquards, in spearmint candy and easter basket.

I also made these booties...

Which are the simple t-bar shoes from the book 50 baby booties to knit. I made them out of Bernat softee baby in pink, obviously. :) See, I told you, lots and lots of baby booties.

I've also been working on random socks, and I test knit a pair of secret fingerless gloves for my friend Knitasaur on ravelry, out of malabrigo, and I made a matching bucket hat. The color is Pollen.

The inside is also malabrigo, in Oceanos. Aaaaand I started, last night, an Estonian Garden Scarf, in malabrigo lace, color verde adriana.

And Oliver is totally bored by all of this. Isn't he getting big?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's like playing charades with a blind person!

I've beaten the camera into submission so that I can finally blog again! lol  So recently Krystal told me that someone needed baby stuff and that's all I needed to hear.  I made a blanket, a pair of socks, a pair of those hard to pronounce booties, a little pair of cotton sandals, and a hat.  I love to knit for babies so any excuse is a good one.  

The color on everything is right except the blanket isn't so... neon.  You can hardly see the little colored speckles in the booties, which totally disappointed me.  I love the little speckles.  I'm seriously going to have to force myself to put those in the mailer on Monday!  I actually made the hat because I noticed that readingknitter01 (the lovely lady that started all this baby knitting insanity) had the first hat I made like that in her favorites on ravelry.  I just made this one bigger because I don't think a very warm hat in a newborn size is really a necessity for a baby born at the end of April in California.  lol  Want to see a close up of the edging cause it's so cute?

Of course you do!  lol  That color is totally off.  I fidgeted with that picture forever to try to get it right.  My camera just doesn't like that color.  I do though.  I'm making a mitered square blanket with that color and a darker blue.  I don't have any pictures of that though.  It was interesting getting the three pictures I took.

Yes, three pictures.  *praying Mom doesn't read the blog*  I made Mom a scarf for Mother's Day.

It's the Estonian Garden Scarf pattern by Evelyn A. Clark in my beloved Zephyr in "blueberry".  I loved making this scarf.  Even when it popped off the needles *sob* and I lost about 10 repeats.  I worked on this mostly while watching Twilight so in my head this is the Twilight scarf.  I loved making this so much that I cast on for another one today for me in dark grey Merino Oro.  I'm not loving the Merino Oro though.  We'll see if I can keep plugging along or if there's another ball of Zephyr in my future.  Oh what a sacrifice!  *grin*

(PS readingknitter01 didn't really start the baby knitting insanity.  It's been all baby knitting insanity all the time for me since I learned to knit lol)