Sunday, March 15, 2009

Man... you can't fit an alpaca into a bubble mailer

Hey there! Just a quick post, to let you all know what's up with me. I finished the first half of Sheherazade, and I'm onto chart 2 of the second half already. Here it is at the end of the first half.

You can click it to enlarge. Here's a close up of the edging.

There are more pictures of it on my projects page. I've also been a bit obsessed with my Icarus lately. You're supposed to repeat chart 1 five times, and I'm almost done with the fourth repeat. But since the yarn's smaller and the needle's smaller, I'm going to add a repeat I think. The color has changed to orange and is now yellow. I love yellow!!!

Speaking of loving yellow... I got a new Betta fish! And, he's YELLOW!

I don't know what to name him. Any ideas?


Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Both projects look great!

you could name your fish Sunny!

smariek said...

It's been ages since I had one of those fish. Hmmm... wonder if my DD would be amused to keep one of them. They're pretty low maintenance.

Tracy said...

How is the fishy doing?

My daughter got one for Christmas, she named hers mister marbles. He's blue.