Friday, July 18, 2008

In Mexico, they don't ask questions

Hey guys! Today at work (yes, I said work... I can't tell you about it yet, can I? I mean... I was waiting for a picture of it... I'll give you another hint. I have really fun but boring days.) I was really bored. There were a total of like, 6 people there all day. So, I cast on for a baby blanket (that's a really unhelpful ravelery link since there's no picture. It'll be COOL though. You just wait...). I was so bored that I finished almost an 8th of the blanket. The directions were really confusing, because there are very weird things going on with short rows and edgings and... it's just weird. I'm using Encore Worsted in light yellow, light purple, and a minty/pastel green color, which sounds weird, but I wanted gender neutral and that's just hard to do with three colors. Anyway, here's what it looks like now.


And just for you all... a Picture of Oliver the kitty.


How is everyone?


Heather said...

I am doing good. And I have a contest over at my place, come check it out!! Hmmm, a place where you were able to knit, it was slow and only 6 people. Do you *gasp* work at your LYS? That would be totally cool if you did?

Diane said...

I'm doing OK. Happy Birthday! Who's birthday is it, Crystal's or Angie's?

Diane said...

I knew it was one of your birthdays cuz on the Ravelry Friends Blog page there's a cake by your current blog post.