Monday, July 7, 2008

Toxic Pickles!

Ok, well for DAYS there I was meaning to blog and it was this sweet post with pictures of Storm, to celebrate his fourth birthday, but... well, my scanner isn't cooperating, and that was bumming me out. So, no blog post.

But, remember how I skipped J? I have one now. I just have to get a picture of it. It's big news too! I'll just have to wait until hopefully Friday, if I remember to take my camera. In the meantime, I'll give you a hint. Some of you already know. It involves yarn, and money. And it's awesome!

Ok, if you didn't get it from that? I can't help you.

Anyway, onto the knitting front! I have been getting knitting done. For starters, I finished a spirogyra, that I'm making as a fingerless gloves fanatics KAL! You should totally join us. This is me, enabling you. I think I said it before, but the yarn is a pink colorway of some kind (don't remember the name right now) of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport. I LOVE it. Love love love. I normally don't like pooling but this time it was all good. It had a really cool affect.

I'm also about an inch and an inch of ribbing away from being done with a cabletini. I don't have a current pic, but here's one of it nearly at the heel.

I love this pattern. Easy to memorize, as it's only four rows, but not TOO boring. Ok, a little. But not much.

I also re-cast on today for the bucket hat. And hopefully this week I'll work on the elephant of doom. What else...

Oh yeah!! I started a fingerless glove design. It's something I don't think I've seen before. It has cables... and color work. I know, right? freaky... I'll let you know the scoop as it progresses. For now, peace out!

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