Sunday, October 5, 2008

When have I eaten a telephone?

Hey there! Bet you can't guess who this is! *grin* Noooo, it's not Krystal... it's Angie. No, I'm not dead. If I were Krystal would have at least mentioned it. I hope. lol

So, knitting... dear god there has been so much that I can't even begin to start. I knitted Olivia a sweater and mittens for her birthday but I didn't get any pictures of her modeling them and didn't take pictures before they were wrapped up. This is all I have.

That's Olivia modeling her daddy's birthday socks and reading one of the books DH and I got her for her birthday. Don't mind the yellow spot, her mummy missed with the vitamin drops! lol

And then I started a project that I absolutely love. This project has been gestating in my mind for at least a year. Maybe longer, I'm not sure. It's the Peacock Feathers Shawl (rav link) by Dorothy Siemens. I'm using some zephyr laceweight that's been marinating in the stash for a few months now, in "basil". It isn't the perfect color but the only yarn I have in that turquoise color that I think of when I think of peacocks is merino oro and I figured if I'm going to do a shawl that enormous then I'd better do it in something I love. (By the way, the yarn harlot just finished her version of this shawl and it's gorgeous. Give popping over there and having a look a thought)

First far away

Then closer

Then closer still, just to see the detail

This is up to the first row of chart three. It's so lovely. And that's an addi turbo lace needle. I ordered it from my new favorite yarn store. I've been going to the Prairie Lily here in Saskatoon every other week, usually on Friday. The nice lady who owns it actually knows when DH gets paid and expects me on the proper day. *laugh* I love it. I didn't go there a lot before because the stock just wasn't up to what I prefer in a yarn store but there's a new owner now and she definitely takes suggestions. I lamented the lack of good laceweight and a month later? There's a whole SHELF of zephyr and two binders full of lace patterns. Yeah baby! I'll bring the camera with me next time to take a picture. It's wonderful. lol

Anyway, that's what I'm up to. I'm knitting other things but I figured if I blogged about it all at once tonight I wouldn't blog again later. lol So in my next post: Dad's "run deer run!" gloves, a yarn review, and some new fingerless gloves for me. Once I finish the gloves. Yeah, that'll happen. *grin*

PS Hi grandma! I love you! Look up there at what you caused. Geez, all that knitting and crocheting around me had an effect.

PPS Gratuitous Olivia picture!


Krystal said...

You BLOGGED?????? OMG!!!!

I LOVE your shawl. LOVE it. LOVE IT!! So pretty. :)

JC said...

The Shawl is beautiful. Nice job. Thanks for commenting on my blog... I look forward to seeing you in the future!