Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I look like I have some sort of hairy octopus on my head

Hello there! I have some pictures. I was doing good on my new socks, the Snicket socks?

But... well... I hit a snag. It turns out it's REALLY HARD to do this pattern two at a time. So, I'm going to pull one of them off the needles and put it on stitch holders, and just plow through one at a time. It's sad but... the pattern is a little bit... well, it just doesn't work. Here's some detail though.

Pretty cool. I actually LIKE this yarn. Big surprise there, because I hated regular Noro Kureyon. But the socks... it works up all velvety, and it's a little scratchy, but that'll wash out. It's not even hard on my hands. So I'll probably use it again. The thick and thin thing really annoys the crap out of me though. I'm afraid the thin spots are going to break. And look!

Mmmm Malabrigo. I'm going to make it into By Starlight by my friend Knitasaur! I'll be fun. Really.

Oh yeah, and I made a baby bootie. I'll show pictures later. But it's a little bit... big. I guess I'll get over it... lol now to work on MS4.

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