Sunday, September 28, 2008

No, you can't chew koolaid

Hey there guys. I haven't been blogging much, mainly because I just haven't been doing much exciting in the way of knitting. All I can do is knit garter or stockinette stitch. Which usually makes for pretty boring blog fodder. I am making a baby dress (ravelry link) out of the Bernat baby Jacquards, in the Berries n cream colorway. I love this yarn, and I LOVE this color. So pretty. I got the whole back done...

And half of the front. I'm not taking a picture of that. It looks exactly the same. Use your imaginations. :) But I've been doing so much just plain knitting that my hand has been hurting. Yesterday, I couldn't knit anymore, so I decided to crochet. I know right? Me?? Crochet??? I needed the practice so that when my friend Ibby's pattern, Pretty in Pink, comes out I can buy it and make it. I made an "Oh so soft baby dishcloth," only it's not for baby lol. It's not soft enough. I love the pattern though. It was super easy, and really fast.

I kinda messed up a couple times but I don't really care. It works. The yarn is peaches n creme, and color is peppermint. It's very blotchy lol... my husband said it looks like there are patches of blood on it. :) Look, a close up!

Ok, off to play monopoly online with my Angie. :)

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