Monday, September 29, 2008

And by then, I'll be in Mexico

Hey, is there anyone out there? *tapping glass* If you're still with us, leave a comment! I feel like I'm talking to myself here... lol! :)

I have cast on for something new. I know, you're (considering there is a "you" out there...) really surprised, but I thought, hey, let's do something unexpected and cast on for something. But, before I did that, I did finish the knitting for the baby dress. It just needs to be seamed and edged. So there. :P

I started "Waves of Grain," from Knitty. It was written for lace weight, but I really wanted to use this yellow sock yarn I had, so I am. It's Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in some yellow color (no clue where the ball band is...). It's so... deliciously yellow. I love it. See how yellow and yummy?

In other news, I bought some baby yarn today. Last week, my friend Jen gave me some baby yarn. I think I have a problem with the baby yarn. This is the yarn that is baby yarn specifically that has no intended project.

Yeah. I have a problem. Speaking of problems, P is for Pens!

My husband is like, obsessed with pens, and pencils, and highlighters... this is just on my desk. You should see his bag, and the hallway, and HIS desk... they're everywhere!

Off to work on something baby perhaps. :)


Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I am here, just haven't been reading any blogs for a bit. So don't take it too personally. you could go to and get who comes here and a sitemeter.. If you wanted that is. Very pretty yellow yarn!

Andy's Crafts said...

Well the yellow is very mellow. I like the way is looking. baby yarn is fun!