Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You can't have the king neutered

R is for... Rolls! Specifically, double pointed needle rolls.

I told you the other day that Tracy made me one. Well, my friend Anne (Nano!) made me one too! It's the one on the bottom. Aren't my friends awesome? I have some of my needles in each one, though I took pictures of each with most of them in them. Most because.... well... I'm missing some. I think they're hiding in the stash. Like, 3 or 4 sets lol! Crazy needle eating stash...

Anyway, here's Tracy's roll with needles...

Mostly. lol there was so issues with my batteries dieing so I wanted to be quick. Here's Nano's roll with needles.

I love them both the same. I can't decide. Nano's roll has a tag (that I'm keeping forever) that says "Lovingly sewn for Krystal's needles. Isn't that sweet? Thanks Nano and psst (Tracy) too!! You guys rock!!

I have more stuff to show you. You want to see? Vote here!

Oh, wait. Sorry. Too much election stuff. It's starting to mess with me. You don't get to vote. This is the yarn MAFIA. I'm the mafia boss. I say what goes, and you will see more so there. :P

I finished another pair of socks!

Pattern: Anastasia socks. Yarn: Duet Skinny Sock yarn in Midnight Mantis. Needle: Size 1.5, 40" circular. I knit them both at once via magic loop, which is now my favorite method. I have virtually no ladders on the sides. At all. Amazing. This sock yarn is so perfect. I love it. I will be buying more. Probably in this color. Or something. I'm not sure. LOVE it. I was completely enchanted with these socks from the part where I finished the toe and joined the other color. Love it. My favorite part?

The heels and toes. My least favorite part? The ENDS. Oh god, the ends. Took me forever to weave in all TWELVE of them. Totally worth it though. They're completely enchanting and comfy and perfect. They took me eight days. I thought it was nine, but I counted. Eight. How cool is that? That was my fastest pair of socks ever.

And one more thing to share. I cast on for "Wisp" in Malabrigo Lace for my sister in law for Chritmas.

I changed a couple of things. I don't have the patience to memorize where the YO rows on the edges are, so I'm not doing it. I also took out the ones on the ends. I figure I'll just sew on the buttons in the end, and they can go through the YO's on the project. It'll still be versitale without my pulling my hair out every time I forget to do it. This thing is flying. I did virtually all of that today. Amazing. Here's a detail pic of the lace.

It is SUCH an easy lace pattern. Seriously, anyone, ANYONE who can knit can do this. All you have to know is how to cast on, knit, yo, k2tog (which is really just... well... knitting 2 stitches. Together.) and binding off. That's is. So simple. It's so light and airy. I'm going to have a problem giving it away. I can see it now.

"Oh no! I had another present for Nancy but I think we left it at home!" (They live 4 hours from here). "But on the plus side... look at my new purple scarf I made!!" :)

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