Saturday, November 15, 2008

I have magic spit!

Ok, first things first, I need to tell you guys about my new cafe press shop. It's called Knit for the Cause, and I'll also put a link to it in the sidebar. There are just a few things now, but if there's more interest I'll add other things. All proceeds from that shop are going to HIV/AIDs research or poverty in Africa. All of the designs have somewhere on them the phrase "Knitters for the cause" and there will be more funny sayings. If you have a request for a design, let me know and I'll add something with it on it. Alright? Sweet. Now on to the other fun stuff!

As you all know, I have startitis. But before I tell you about all the things I've started this week... I finished the Waves of Grain scarf, but it needs to be blocked yet so no pics. Hopefully this week. It was so fast. I did almost all of it last Friday at work. So easy. I've also been working on Wisp, and I'm more than halfway. Ok, now for the new stuff. First, I started (under much peer pressure thanks to my co-blogger and fellow enabler Angie) a Swallowtail Shawl.

I've done 7 repeats out of either 14 or 19, depending on the size when it gets there. I love it so far, but for a while there I was having serious issues. My brain wasn't working. I was actually scared I had lost my knitting mojo, but I think I found it again. It's smooth going now anyway. Angie just finished one for herself, maybe if we pressure her enough she'll blog about it. :) She's also making THREE more, one for each of three of her family members.

I also started "Spring Forward" from Knitty in my yellow and pink birthday present to myself sock yarn. :) I swear they're not nearly as ugly as they look in this picture.

My camera did NOT like taking that picture. I seriously don't even know why I bothered lol. I'm loving the pattern so far, and I got to turn a heel. I love to turn heels. It's freaking magic. Then, yesterday, I started Koolhaas. I. Love. This. Hat.

I had put it off because I heard that the cables were hard. They're not hard! They're a bit of a pain because they're only one stitch, but if you do it without a cable needle it's so easy. I'm using Merino et Soie and a size 7 circular. I just started yesterday, and I'm over halfway. I love it. Love love love it. Can't wait to finish it.

Ok, two more things. First, Angie's trying to get pregnant this weekend (she is soooo going to kill me for telling you this but there ya go...) so think happy pregnant thoughts for her, k?

Last, here's what Mattie thinks about all of this.


Angie said...

Aww... now I'm all blushing and crap! Man, no secrets with you and Dylan around. *cracks up* Thanks hon.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

very cool about the knit for charity thing.

And woohoo on trying Ang....Lots of sticky vibes coming your way!