Thursday, November 20, 2008

Better embarrassed and knitting that not wither.

So, yesterday I promised you a finished scarf. First of all, I have to tell you. I didn't get a pre-blocking picture, but let me tell you... blocking is WONDERFUL. Hands down, my favorite part about knitting lace. It's like, you finish it and it's a pile of knitted crap. You wash it, it's still a pile of knitted crap, only now it's soaked and smells like a wet sheep. Then you block it and unpin it and it's...

Wonderful. I loved this pattern. It's "Waves of Grain" from knitty. The yarn is Ultramerino 4 by artyarns. It's so soft...

I wore it all night last night (well, not to bed but you know...) and I wore it out today. It makes me feel so happy because it's YELLOW and happy. Of course I wore it out with my new blue hat (omg I haven't blogged about that yet either? Tomorrow tomorrow...) and pink fingerless gloves, so I looked like a freak, but it was awesome anyway. Here's a close up of the beads.

I'm so in love with it. I'm going to wear it at work tomorrow. Not just to work. AT work. As part of my outfit. It's going to ROCK.

Remember way back in February when I cast off the Pinwheel baby blanket and started to add a crocheted edging? Yeah... so... that didn't happen until last night and today. But it's FINALLY FINISHED!

And yes, it still looks like an eye. That's ok though. I love it! It took me AGES to do the edge. Crocheting is so not my thing. I did stay up late last night though, working on it. The edge is so beautiful and... scallopy and ruffly. I love it.

So, you may be asking what's up with all the UFO's coming back to life? Well, I seem to have lost something lately. I can't get into anything that I'm working on, there's nothing new I want to start (except a test knit I'm doing in FGF but that's different). So I figured I'd go through my hibernating projects on ravelry and get rid of some of them. Doing good so far, yes? I want to work on Emmy's elephant but I can't find the pattern. I may reprint it.

Alright, I'm off to watch the Steelers game!


Domestic Extraordinaire said...

very nice scarf and I love the baby blanket. Good job on all those bibs too.

I am off to finish my BFF's baby blanket that I am crocheting, she is due Friday so I better get my butt in gear.

Nano said...

Love the scarf, and yes. Blocking is quite the miracle isn't it?