Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I take the giant alligator thing very seriously

Ok, three things today, one small, one medium, and one large. Ready?

Small thing: Headaches suck. I can barely even watch TV anymore, which means less knitting, which means less blogging.

Medium thing: That doesn't mean NO knitting, just less. I've been working on my clapotis (almost done with 5th repeat of 12 of the middle section, and I'm not even halfway done with the second ball of yarn...) and the KAL for February in fgf, which are these fingerless gloves, and were designed by smariek. I've gotten one glove done, and I just started the gusset for the second one. Here's a pic of the first one.

You'll notice that's the yarn from the other day. It's knitpicks essential kettle dyed in bordeaux (you were right, psst! Hi by the way!! lol).

Large thing: It's officially...


Here's the deal. It's a scavenger hunt contest. Actually, it's a photo scavenger hunt.

Tomorrow night I'm going to post a list of things, it'll probably be a large list (like, 20 things). It'll be... unexact, which will leave it up to you to figure out. For example, something blue that you find outside. You'll then have to take a picture of something that you usually find outside that is blue, and take a picture of it.

Here are the rules:

1) You should have a blog, that way you can post them on your blog (with a link here of course... hello blog publicity ;) hehe). If you don't have a blog, then you should have a flickr account. You would then upload your pictures to flickr and put a description of what each thing is supposed to be (in this case, something blue found outside).

2) If you DON'T have a camera, or access to one, and you really really want in on this, then it would be acceptable to post the answers to your blog in descriptive form... but they have to be really really desriptive, and I think it would be much easier to just take pictures.

3) You have 48 hours from the time I post the contest to take the pictures and get them posted.

4) After you post the pictures, come back here to tomorrow's post, the one with the lists, and post a comment, leaving a link to your blog post or flickr account.

So, how do you win the contest, and what does the winner get?

Well, I know that it would be hard to find all of the items on the list for everyone, so the winner will be the person who gets the most things on the list. If more than one person gets the most things (or everyone) then I'll do a random number generator and pick the winner amongst those who get the most.

What do you get? That, my friends, is the best part. You get...

A HANDMADE pair of fingerless gloves, AND a handmade set of stitch markers.

Sound good? Any questions?

Tell your friends, cause this will be so much more fun if everyone plays.

Come back tomorrow for the items!!!!!!


SupaCindy3000 said...

Sounds like fun!

Tracy said...

I guess that means it's not time to ship my camera in to be repaired.

Oldlthrnecksgirl said...

Woot Woot, sounds like fun!


MsChris said...

Majorly funtastic. If I can just find that SD card.....

Mary Ann said...

Sounds like a great contest! The prizes are also great! Hope you get a lot of participation!