Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Your Insanity is Contagious

Hey peeps! What's going on? I decided to do a mostly picture post because words seem to be failing me lately. So...

What's going on with the weather? Well, its' 56 (Fahrenheit) and I love it because there's NO ICE or snow, but I hate the mud... and it's flooding. This is a picture of the creek behind our apartment, which is usually very small and pretty, and calm.

What's happening in my house? Well I haven't tried to burn it down lately (did I blog about that? hmm... well that's a story for another day.) but I did have some smoke and stuff happening earlier, and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why.

*facepalm* I used this at Christmas to make a cookie bark, and I taped the foil down because it was so windy.... and never took that piece of tape off. Well there's one mystery solved...

What have I been knitting? Well the pinwheel baby blanket** is off the needles and looking very.... well, eye-like. I'm doing to add this crocheted edging.

So I had to, of course, cast on for another one, in pink this time. This may or may not have happened before casting off the other one. Hey look it's Angie in the picture! Er... sorta. On the phone.

I also finished chart 2 of Juno.

What have I been listening to? Pretty much exclusively this.

What have you guys been up to?

** What color do you guys think I should make the edging of the pinwheel? White, light blue, or dark blue?

P.S. All of my projects have links in the sidebar if you're interested.


Heather said...

I vote for the dark blue edging. I often finish my baby blankets with that edging, it gives it a firmer, sturdier edge.

So what about the pink one....will those colors change or will it just be solid pink? Just curious.

Juno is looking good.

I am feeling so so....just wish I could stop coughing. Hoping that I feel much better tomorrow, meeting with a client.

Turtle said...

i vote dark blue edging. love the looks of juno! Ok, good luck with that brook out back, we got flooded in december, not fun!

Diane said...

56 degrees. I'm so jealous.

Can't wait to hear the smoke/fire story.

The baby blanket is looking great!