Monday, November 23, 2009

Bam! Boobies!

Wow, so much for posting every day for a month, huh? Things have been crazy here, in the personal department... which isn't an excuse, but, the good news is, I'm posting now, so yay!

It is SO HARD for me to look at my projects OTN and tell you what I have been working on because it varies so much from day to day. I'm not doing Christmas knitting because last year my gifts weren't really appreciated, and I'm not knitting for my husband's family because he is a STBX husband... that is a LONG story, and you're here for knitting, true? So Let's get to it.

Instead of showing you all the hundreds of things I already have otn, let's talk about what I have planned. First, I bought yarn today, and a few days ago, and I'm planning on using it all. Lots of hats and things. I'm going to make a hat and cowl set for Angie (Hi Angie!!) out of this... (sorry the pics are off center... I had to go through flickr to post them, and I don't have the patience to figure out how to center them right now... click to embiggen.)


The blue is going to be the hat, I think. It's malabrigo worsted, in Tuareg. The multi is Araucania Nature wool chunky, and it's going to be the cowl. I think.

Then I'm going to take this yarn...


And make the red (sorry it looks wonky, still haven't figured out how to take pics of things that are red...) into a hat to match Fingerless Gloves I made about a month ago. And the green is going to be either a cowl or a hat for me... or something. I haven't really decided, but I love it. Those are both malabrigo (I'm a junkie, I can't help myself...), in vermilion and lettuce.

Then this...


Is Noro Silk Garden sock, and it's going to be Marywarmers. Or, Krystalwarmers as the case will be. ;)

I also bought yarn yesterday from Susinok's shop, slackford studio, to make socks for Angie for Christmas. I know I said no Christmas presents but she's the exception to that rule. :)

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