Thursday, November 26, 2009

You enjoy your hate; I'm distracted by mine

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. How was your Turkey (or Turkeyless) day? Mine has kinda sucked. I'm all alone (except for Angie on the phone...) and I miss my family.

But, enough sadness, true? I have been knitting like crazy. I have SO MANY PROJECTS I want to start. It's frightening. I should type out my list so you can all see the insanity. In no particular order I want to start...

  • A cowl to match the fingerless gloves I tested for Snapper (They're almost done! Just one more pattern repeat, the ribbing, and the thumb and that will be a whole pair! Whoo!).
  • Socks for my nephew Zach, and my nephew Austin (They're only 6 and 9, their feet aren't... that big. right?)
  • Fingerless gloves for my sister
  • Fingerless gloves for her friend Toni (Those may sound like Christmas presents but they're not I promise... they were requested and I love my sister, so...)
  • Those marywarmers I listed the other day in the Noro Sock stuff.
  • A hat for Angie in the blue malabrigo I listed the other day
  • A hat for me in the red malabrigo
  • A sock that angie made the first of and didn't want to do the second, so she gave it to me.
  • A fake isle hat (just for kicks) out of silk garden and malabrigo.
UGH! That's a LOT OF STUFF. A lot. I have no time limit but... well, you know me, I usually cast on without thinking twice. Before I start anything off of that list though, I'm going to finish the fingerless gloves, a pair of socks I'm almost finished with that were supposed to be done by now, for my friend, and the cowl/scarflet for Angie... the last of which is over a third done now, and coming along nicely, see? (The link for the pattern was in yesterday's post.)

This is not including the... oh... dozen or so other things I have going, including the five things that are relatively important for me to finish, as I want them done... yikes. lol

Wish me luck?

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