Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's only funny when there's no blood involved

Hiya! Just a quick post. I'm about to finish a pair of socks, I'll show them off tomorrow. I got the yarn in the mail yesterday! I ordered it from Slackford studio, it's the Stalwart Sock in Origanum. It's going to be socks with a turtle on them for Angie. :) There were also two pretty stitch markers in it! I love it!!

And just to prove that it's just a quickie post, look! Lily is not pleased with my ignoring her. ;)

Hmm... maybe I should say something else, since I am using a perfectly good blog post title lol... how about a book review?

Well, I've been reading a series called "The black dagger brotherhood." It's a romance series, so there's some s.e.x. lol, and some danger. It's about Vampires, and it's like, a whole different world. Each book is primarily about one of the brothers, who are the guys who defend the rest of the vampire society from the bad guys, who are called Lessers. The entire series has been great; I think my favorite part about them is that you could reach each book individually, but they all go together as a whole too. There's even an "insider's guide" to the books, which is about the books, with "interviews" with the characters done by the author, and a couple of little stories and things too, along with behind the scenes stuff that you don't see during the books. I think that was a very clever idea for her to write that, to tie the books together. I've bought all of the books that are out in paperback, and the companion. Well, except for one, Angie gave me that one lol. :)

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