Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm distracted by my hate

So, a few days back in the insanity group on ravelry, James (aka Zortified) mentioned that she had some pumpkin spice tea that needed a new home, and I said that I would love it... I got it in the mail today, along with "packing material," you know, to make sure it arrived safely, I'm sure. :)

I was VERY surprised, and very happy! Yay! :) Thank you again James!!!!

In other news, I started a cowl/mini scarflet thing for Angie. It's using the pattern for this scarf. She loves it so far! Yes, I showed her. I can't keep a secret lol. The yarn is the Araucania I listed the other day. :) It looks like this so far...

Pretty, yes? And I also have a finished hat to show you, but I can't show you yet because it's still wet and I want a modeling shot. :)

I'm going to go have some pumpkin spice tea now, yay!

Also? Bonus picture of Lily. "Hmm... what have we here..."

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