Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And you can't scratch that

Hey guys, what's going down? Just wanted to share with you all what's been up in my life lately. First of all, before you even read my blog, get thee over to yarn-a-go-go and read this post of Rachel's. Ticks me off. I can't believe people can be so mean and stupid. She's closed comments, but I think you could at the very least tell her how pretty she looks in her sweater she finished in this post. Go ahead, we'll wait for you. And when you get back I'll have pictures for you, as a reward.



Back? Ok, good. Can you believe people? The bottom line they're missing is that she's doing her job, which I bet is more than they can say about themselves. Probably work at McDonald's, and probably have no idea what it's like to work a high stress job for 18 hours at a time.

Anyway, moving on. So, Knitasaur (rav link), one of my fellow mods of the Fingerless Gloves Fanatics group on ravelry, released our first newsletter. Go check out her blog to see all about the contests, and go here for the pdf of the newsletter. (Note: Could I have any more links?? Seriously!)

So, today, I finished something! Seriously! I finished an endpaper mitt. Check it out.

It's not nearly that dark, it just looks dark because it was still wet when I took that picture. I love it. (Like my "blocking wires"? Yeah, two knitting needles. It worked...) Here's a detail pic.

Now I have to come clean... the only reason I wanted to finish these sooooo badly was because... well... my addi lace needle was in them and I wanted to start a lace project. I know I said that my blue zephyr wanted to be a print o the wave stole... but... I lied.

Any guesses on what it wants to be? Angie, don't guess. We all know you know. *grin*

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Knit and fall back in it said...

Great endpaper mitts. I am not so good with colorwork. It's something I plan to practice.