Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's green, fluffy, and shaped like a bunny?!

I is for... Ice Cream!!

Ice cream happens to be my big downfall. No matter what diet I'm on, I have to have it. The current ice cream obsession is that velvet "Moose tracks" ice cream. It has fudge and stuff, and then hard fudge "tracks" and little rolo type things.

And, to wrap up this short but sweet post, here's a modeled pic of my endpaper mitt.

I love it! It's still a teeny big snug, but I think that it's supposed to be, because my gauge is right on. That's all for now, so ttfn! :)


Amy said...

Ice cream is my downfall too. Honey Hut chocolate pecan ice cream in a chocolate covered, giant waffle cone. Or maybe a homemade chocolate milkshake. I make it chocolate by using hot fudge sauce. Too bad knitting doesn't burn more calories.

Allie said...

Beautiful mitt. The ice-cream looks yummy too. Home made ice cream is even better and really easy with an ice cream maker, which isn't too expensive. That's probably too much like temptation but it does mean that you have an even greater choice of flavours. And you can turn smoothies into ice creams just by putting them in there as well.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Who doesn't love ice cream? Your Endpaper mitt looks fabulous.