Saturday, May 3, 2008

Right, cause you can't take over the world with a dirty kitchen

Whoo hoo!!! It's post number 100!!! Is a contest in order? I think so. Let's keep it simple. Everyone comment on this post saying what they have otn right now. I'll draw a name and whoever I draw wins this.

It's the yarn I dyed after easter. It isn't nearly that bright. Think more muted. It's patons classic merino, one skein, which is 223 yards. I've decided I don't know what to make with it, and figure it would like a better home. You have until midnight on May 7th, that's this Wednesday. Cool? Cool.

So yesterday, I had car issues. Let's just say that my car broke down (we STILL don't know why. It's fine today.) and I had to call AAA. Took them an hour to get there, and another half hour to hook it up. But it's ok because I'm halfway done with the heel of my sock now.

I also cast on for something else (anyone surprised?). I started the 5 hour baby sweater. I'm to the sleeves now. Ignore the weird color...

See, that's the color of the yarn. But in order to get that I had to seriously mess with the picture and now my desk looks... muted. But oh well.

I did start the Bronte's Mitts, but.. I didn't get so far with them. The size 6 dpns make it too big, but the 4's make the fabric weird so... I'm going to try the 5's I guess. Some day. :)

Don't forget to comment!!


Diane said...

I have a dishcloth on the needles at the moment, gramma's favorite I think is the pattern name, very simple. I'm using Cottontots yarn in a baby green.

katerina said...

Currently I'm working on the Jacque Cousteau hat by Typy -

I've been meaning to get this done for a while. I'm using
Filatura Di Crosa's Wave in a dark grey. I'll have pictures soon!

Allie said...

Several things, really. I've nearly finished the Baby Yoda Sweater (, just started a Noro hat (, and am in the middle of a tension square for a raglan sweater in Kon tiki yarn for my daughter.

craftymom said...

Hi, love the colors in the sock! What yarn/colorway is that??? Must have!! :)On the needles now I have: 1) 2nd sock for a friend, 2)squares for a throw for DD2,3) squares for a throw for a friend, &4) 1st sock for me.... Congrats on 100th post!! :)

Anonymous said...

*ahem* Let me go to Rav to check, because I can't remember off the top of my head. Okay:
1. FGF KAL Bronte's Mitts
2. Fruity Bag (making up pattern for a bag to carry fruit)
3. A variation of Noro striped scarf.
4. Dumber than Snake Mitts--need thumbs
5. Star Stitch Wallet
6. Danica scarf, except it's a bag.
7. A scarf-mitts thingy in a fluffy type yarn.
8. Eiffel


Nano said...

Hmmm, I think I'll keep this list at a minimum. Of course, the Bronte mitts, but they're almost done. Two other fingerless gloves I'm knitting, mods from sock patterns. A scarf incorporating the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Another Chevron SCarf. DId I say I was gonna keep this short? LOL. Ok, I think that's enough for now.

And c'mon, get those Bronte's going :o)

Dizzy Knits said...
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Amy said...

I have the Lion Brand Cable Comfort Throw that I'm making for a wedding present, Zeeby's Bag from the Stich n Bitch book, and a pair of tube socks.

PS. Sorry about the double post. I screwed up the first time.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Krystal! Right now I have a few things going.
1. Bronte's Mitts
2. Afternoon Tea Fingerless Gloves in crochet
3. Crocheted cable bag
4. dishcloth KAL

I think they will keep me busy for awhile. I just frogged the Bronte Mitts because I made a mistake in the lace pattern. My bag needs to be embroidered and lined. I'm almost done with one of the crocheted gloves. And I have today's rows to do for the dishcloth.

I'm happy to hear that your wrist is better so that you can do some knitting.

ikkinlala said...

I only have one project on the needles right now - Thuja socks, modified to use fingering-weight yarn. I'm hoping to have them done for Mothers' Day.

Awesome Mom said...

I have a wool diaper soaker, #2 of a pair of socks, a baby blanket and a dinosaur on the needles. I obviously need to stop casting on projects if I ever want to finish anything.

Anastacia said...

I’m making a top down, short sleeved sweater out of cotton yarn, a pair of scrap fair isle socks, a crocheted scrap afghan that I’ve been making for months now, and a granny square cardigan for my mom, that I’ve been working off & on again since Oct. And I think that’s it, for the moment.

-Added by Krystal because blogger is mean and doesn't let some people comment. :)

allergicmom said...

I just cast on an Icarus shawl, and I've also got a mindless stockinette sock on the needles for when I'm watching the kids. Great dyeing job!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Right now I've only got one thing going, a sweater I'd really like to finish someday. Someday. Someday.

Congrats on the 100th post. I came here via WIKnits contest blog.

Kristen said...

Pretty green! It's my favorite color and I have a hard time finding nice greens.
Right now I have my first sock otn. I only had to frog parts of it about 5 times. Oh well. I'm almost done and then I can start the second one.

Heatherly said...

i am making bronte's mitts too!

lovely shade of green-BTW

Anonymous said...

I've got a lot on the go right now:
-a spring sweater for my mom (made of sport weight yarn so its taking a while...)
-branching out scarf in a light blue lace for my grandma
-clapotis (in a blue cascade 220)
-cabled bag (yet another gift)
-pomatomus socks (in knit picks dancing)
-basic house socks (Patons kroy)
I've also got a lot of projects ready to be cast on for but I'm trying to be good and finish some of this gift knitting first (really excited about the lace ribbon scarf I am going to make out of noro sock!)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Oh geez, what do I NOT have on the needles.

1. Sweet Baby Cap
2. Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweatr
3. Chevron Scarf
4. Drive Thru
5. Monkey Socks
6. Blankie Project (Mitered Squares with Leftover Sock Yarn)
7. Sophia (Sweater)

That's just to name a few!

Happy Contest!

Becky said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! On my needles are:

2 charity scarves
2 pair of socks
1 lace curtain

Tante J said...

What's on the needles? Too much! Marigold and Monkey socks, Jeanie, Icosa Welt Pillow, Shag and New Wave from Knitting New Scarves and Arietta who has been languishing since last summer...

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Ohhh!!! Green! Beautiful colour!

What do I have on the needles? The first of a new pair of socks; am developing a pattern and having fun with it... have to work the heel.
On the hook (that is a family project in crocheting) is the inner circle of a rug in multiple colours. :-)

Turtle said...

Hmm, have not seen the 5 hour baby sweater. Might have to look that one up! Like the sock!
Right now my needles are mellow with the second sock in the STR Lucky and a retro ski sweater on another. (it seriously looks similar in color to your hand dyed skein!) Happy blog-post-versary!

crazzybunny said...

Happy blogiversary!

I have a sock (Mad Color Weave, US 1 dpns, Plymouth Happy Feet) and a scarf (Drop Stitch, US 10, Crystal Palace Party) on the needles right now. Love the sock, hate the scarf. Great pattern, but the yarn is tacky. It's going to my 10-yo cousin.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Happy 100th, I am having a 100th post contest right now too.

What do I have otn right now? Hmmm...I have a pair of socks for a friend, a pair for my dad, Swallowtail shawl (it's on the needles , but it's in time-out right now) and a garter stitch shawl using Fleece Artist's Goldielocks. Thanks for the contest, I find the best blogs this way.

OhAmyKP said...

Ravelry Name: OhAmy

Something funny 1st: I wrote down my WIP on a paper B 4 actually commenting. Whenever I thought the list was finished I ended up having to add another, and another. Kinda of reminded me of when I was asked the questions "How many guys have you been with?" Does swatches that turned into projects count? :)(sounds sluty but not really...some are just forgettable. Was that an overshare?)'s my list. Active means that over the last 2wks I've pick up and done a few rows.

1) Candle flame scarf (active)
2) Fluzzy Lamb (needs 2 B stuff)
3) Little Sister dress (active)
4) Jay Walker (1 cuff - active)
5) Easy Mary Janes (1 done)
6) Yoke Seamless Shirt (vry active)
7) Foliage Hat (zzz)
8) Dashing Mitts (2nd mitt - zzz)
9) Short Row hat (semi-active)

There maybe others but I must stop now before I sound like a whore!

HeyCarrieAnn said...

Right now I have a pair of high waisted shorts on the needles... and about 10 different socks

Tracy said...

wow look at all those comments! I don't know how Missed this entry with a contest!

I have not one but three pairs of fingerless mitts otn. Bronte mitts, a pair of cabled mitts, that I am not liking too much, and a pair of Main morning mitts that I am making into Monkey morning mitts again. I also have a christmas stocking going, and a bag for a bag swap. I really want to start a chemo cap of sorts soon too, for a neighbor. I just don't know what yet, or what yarn to use.

Thank you for your contest, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

YAY for the 100th post! That is a beautiful green yarn - I can't believe you couldn't find a pair of fingerless gloves to suit it! Right now I'm knitting a pair of black fetching's for my little brother's girlfriend. I'm planning on starting the Bronte mitts - but I haven't so far! Take care.

Mrs CeCrux said...

I have on a sweater, my first one I might add....i also have 2 pair of mittens on and a pair of socks and a scarf and a hat!

I'm buuuuusy! and looking for more to knit! and crochet...

Mrs CeCrux said...

oh and I also have a baby blanket on as well

Anonymous said...

What's on my needles?

A shetland triangle for the Ravelry Shetland Triangle KAL.

An eternal log cabin blanket, which is what I pick up when I don't want to think.

An alpaca mitered square for my knit nite group's mitered square afghan.

More cotton washcloths! The current one is a mitered square, same pattern as the afghan square.

You can see most of these in my Ravelry projects; I'm MicheleLB

Katie O said...

1. 1st Baby Surprise Jacket
2. prayer shawl
3. dishcloths
4. civil war shawl
5. rose hearts shawl

I think thats it... isn't that enough already!! lol!! I gotta get some stuff done!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Iam working on fetching a free pattern from knitty 2006 I bought a skein of Orchid Silky Malabrigo at Stitches West and thought it would make gorgeous fetching gloves:) you can go to my blog to see pictures of my fetching so far;)Happy Blogversary!!!

Rooie said...

Happy 100th post!

On the needles...a pair of simple garter rib socks in a colorway (Impressionist's Rainbow from family Pendragon) that makes me very happy.

Also, the Modern Kimono cardigan from the back of a recent Spin Off magazine.

And, on the needles but about to get ripped off -- a abortive attempt at a scarf for a friend.