Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who would want hobo oil on their feet??

Ok, so I know I said I'd be back "tomorrow" to give you the finished mitt pic but... I'm a slacker! :) Anyway, I had an interesting few days. First off, Friday my friend Adeana and her new puppy Angel came over. Adeana and I decided to go to the movies (incidentally, we saw Baby Mama... soooooo funny. Great movie. Although we knew what was going to happen... it was still good.) so I got out my crate and we put Angel in it.

Now, Angel has serious abandonment issues. Basically, she can't be out of sight of Adeana without completely losing her cool. So I knew she was going to be noisy and unhappy... but I was not prepared for what happened. We walked up to the door and the first thing we see is this sight (only from outside...)

I knew that my dogs did not do that. And all I could think was "dear god, the dog got out and my house is going to be destroyed..." Fortunately, that was about the extent of the damage. There was even blood all over the blinds. All we can think is that she was so desperate to get to Adeana that she spent the entire time at the door and window, trying to get out. All the while I can just see my dogs sitting in the other room, with Storm thinking "Dear god, please let Mommy know that we didn't do this," and Mattie thinking, "Oh man, she is going to get in soooooo much trouble!!!"

Anyway, on Saturday I spent the day with my family, for a Mother's Day dinner (by the way, Happy Mother's day!! Go check out Heather's post, it was really really good.) And today I spent the vast majority of the day doing a blessed nothing. It was great. Really. A bit boring but relaxing. But I did get knitting done. I finished a plain sock. I tried it on, and it fit great... except the part where it was waaaay too short. I don't understand, I made it three inches like I usually do... but that wasn't long enough this time. So, I then ripped back the nearly two inches of ribbing and need to refinish the dang sock. I also started on the second Bronte's Mitt. Why, yes, I did finish the first one! I LOVE it. The only thing I'd change is next time, I'd use a bigger crochet hook for the cast off. It's a little too tight. This picture is right, color-wise, except the blue/purple color is a lot more purple than that. I swear, someday I will take a picture in the day time. I promise, I'm not a vampire and can in fact go in the sunlight, though I choose not to lol! :)

So that's about it for me. What have you all been up to? How was Mother's Day?


Knit and fall back in it said...

Oh my goodness. I think your friend should talk to her vet, there's got to be something that can help that poor dog cope.

Diane said...

Your mitts look nice! Love the yarn and color.

How did that dog get out of the cage?

Mothers Day was good!

And nope, I'm not making fingerless mitts as per your comment on my blog.