Friday, June 6, 2008

I look like I have some sort of hairy octopus on my head

Hey guys. Just a quick post before bed (what? Me? In bed before 4 am?? *gasp*). I'm going to bed early because we're leaving tomorrow morning for Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week with my husband's family. So, no posting for me until I get back, but maybe Angie will? Don't give her a hard time though, she's going through a rough patch right now. Think happy thoughts for her, k?

So, I promised knitting. I started a log-cabin baby blanket-along with Angie. We're both about at the same place right now, but we all know she'll kick my little behind. Not only can she knit faster than me, but she's like a garter stitch making queen! I didn't think I would like this blanket, but I'm LOVING it right now. I can't get enough of it. I started it Wednesday. Here it is so far...

I'm using Lion Brand cotton ease (so is she...) in Snow, Lime, Taupe, and Violet, and without thinking about it, I set my colors up to look exactly like the one in the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book. It's going to be BIG and I'm VERY happy about that.

Other knitting news, I can't take a picture because it's already packed, but I'm almost done with my first Eden in the real yarn, and I hope I finish them so I can wear them in the mountains!

Anyway, I'm getting off of here so I can go to bed now. See you guys in a week!!!

Oh by the way... look at what my husband did to my poor dog!!!

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Diane said...

Have fun on your vacation! Love the picture of the dog, hee hee