Saturday, June 14, 2008

I've figured out that the ballons are too subtle

I'm Baaaaaaack!!!!!!! I'm so so happy to be home. You have NO idea. Incredibly happy. I loved Tennessee but... dear god, all the mountains... and the family... it was just too much. It was a really wonderful vacation though. I loved it. It was fantastic. I'm adding the pics to my myspace page, if you have a myspace add me and you can see them. If not... well, I'm going to be putting them somewhere else too. Flickr doesn't have room for all 118 pics so maybe photobucket. We'll see. In any case, here's a preview.

Some mountains...
More mountains. (This one taken from atop a dirt hill that will soon be another cabin...)

And the place I spent a lot of my time (the swing).

I got lots of souvenirs, but no souvenir yarn. I couldn't find anyplace that sold yarn. It was horrible. I did get some nifty beads though.

And, I know, I'm short with the word thing, but here's a picture of what I did with my summer vacation. I learned to knit and read... and made good of it.

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