Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're all like, dude and stuff

So, yay, it's my Birthday! I'm 23! Today, for my birthday, I get to work all day, and then go to my friend Kara's jewelry show. Fun fun! But, I did get some AWESOME mail yesterday. First, I got my order from knitpicks, including this yarn...

And another kind of yarn that's for socks for Angie. It's secret. I'm making the first sock from both socks at once. Instead of both socks from the same pair at once. Thought I'd mix it up. Plus when I'm done I'll have two pairs lol. Then, the next thing I opened was this.

It's a project bag and a birthday card, both handmade, from my friend Snapper! That's Paula to the "real" world. :) She sent it to me just because she ROCKS and it's my birthday! Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks again snapper!

Then, the NEXT thing I opened was my Autumn fingerless gloves fanatics swap package! It came from Tasha, and she spoiled me rotten!

I got the pattern for Roman Holiday Mitts which are gorgeous, and I had never seen them I don’t think. I also got some chocolate, some tea (mmm tea… and in my fave flavors too) and a traveling knitting bag that is GREEN and so nice! I love it! Oh yeah, and the bestest best best best part! Malibrigo!!! And it's PINK! Isn't it delicious looking?? I LOVE it! Thanks again Tasha!

So, yesterday, I finished the Noro socks. That's right. It took me TWELVE days to make a pair of socks. It's like a world freakin record. I need an award or something.

They pattern is Garden Path socks by Wendy Johnson. The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock.

Well, technically, the lace pattern is from the Garden Path Socks. The rest of the sock I just kind of made up to fit me. I love this yarn but it has almost no stretch and that's irritating.

Also, they're so hideous, they're gorgeous! lol! I totally love them. Hey, look, bonus picture!

Anyway, everyone have some cake today ok? It's my birthday and I LOVE my birthday! Yay!!!


Angie said...

*singing incredibly off tune* Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear dork face... *grin*... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!

Krystal said...

Haha, I may be a dork face. But YOU'RE a PUNK! :)

Diane said...

Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you got some way cool stuff!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope it was wonderful!!