Friday, October 17, 2008

There are no purple dudes in "Pirates of the Carribean"

Ok so today was such an awesome day! First, I went to work, which sucked. But my husband went and got me a Kroger cake (the BEST ever!) and then I spent the next 4.5 hours doing absolutely nothing and getting paid for it! It rocked. But I was bored. See... no one came into the shop in the whole 4 and a half hours. No one called. I was all alone and bored and I couldn't stand it so I called my boss and she said I could leave, so my friend Jen came and picked me up. We went to Joann's with the little girls she watches. It was cool. She gave me this for my birthday.

That's a cool straight needle case and some mouse stitch markers that she made. Look how cute they are!

They're AWESOME! So cute. Love them.

Then I had two hours to myself before I left for my friend Kara's jewelry party. We had fun too, and I got some more pretty jewelry. It was a lot of fun!

Tomorrow my sister and I are going somewhere, I don't know where, and then we're going to watch the Buckeye game and have some pizza with her fam and my mom. Sounds fun!

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