Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taylor Hanson's my cult leader

Hello there!! How is everyone? (Ya know, all 3 of you who read this. Hi! *waves*) Sorry, I've had... erm... a bit of caffeine today. So, yesterday was a rockin day for me! I got lots of stuff in the mail again. Not as much as that one day but... I got a handmade dpn roll from my friend Tracy (aka Psst, aka Psst the sniper...)! There were also some suckers that were handmade by her daughter.

There's only one sucker now. Did I mention I like suckers? :) Isn't that so cute? I didn't get a picture of the inside but if you want to see it you can go here. I LOVE it. Thanks again Tracy!!

I also get some stitch markers in the mail. I can't show you some of them cause I'm sharing them with Angie, and I sent them already so she should get them in like a year (border guards SUCK) but I can show you these ones!

They're dominoes! Those have a special place in my heart cause my dad and I play, and Angie and I used to play, and it just makes me happy to see the little dominoes.

I also made a lot of progress (for me) on the stripy socks from Sunday.

I am seriously completely enchanted with these socks. I LOVE the striping. Love it. Looking at it on the screen, there's almost a weird green stripe going around them, which is really weird cause I don't see that in the actual socks. Weird...

What's everyone else up to?


Diane said...

Waving "Hi" back! I'm one of your three readers, LOL!

The socks look great!

Tracy said...

Ok, i am a slow blog reader. Glad you like the needle roll, and the suckers. The socks look great, and fun stitch markers!