Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not every carpenter is Jesus!

Hello there peeps! Not much to say. But I have a quick tutorial (not really. A joke tutorial) and some ooooooh pretty pictures. First, the fake tutorial.

How to get a new pair of socks from an old sock and some Stash.

1.) Find an old pair of socks or an old sock that doesn't have a mate but does have a corresponding ball of yarn. I went with option two.

That is one crappy looking sock.

2.) Find the end, and hope to god or whoever you pray to that you did not know how to weave in ends when you made said crappy sock. I did not, although I did do something interesting with the grafted toe... but regardless. Find something to wrap the yarn around into a mini skein. Begin unwinding until the whole sock is on said "thing" you're wrapping the yarn around. In this case, the legs of a TV tray.

3.) Wind the new mini skein and the old crappily wound ball into new crappily wound balls.

4.) Knit! I haven't taken a picture of this because it hasn't happened yet. Use your imaginations.


Ok, that was totally lame. Look, pretty!

That is a new pair of Garden Path socks. Remember the old ones from last year? Yeah they don't look like a pair but they look more like a pair than this pair does. It totally looks like I just grabbed two random balls and started knitting. It's the Noro sock yarn that was going to be cabled socks but didn't like being them so they get to be something else. Look, you can see the pattern!!

For those of you who thought you wouldn't be able to see a pattern - *cough* Angie *cough* - told you so!!

Off to bed now!

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