Monday, October 20, 2008

I am many copycats

I got my birthday swap package today! It came from Stephanie in Germany!! I got the mail today and there was a big pink package! I opened it up to find this.

Which is completely full of all of this stuff!

There is so much stuff in the package that it took me almost 10 minutes just to examine it all! First, there was a pair of fingerless gloves which I absolutely LOVE!

There was yarn...

That's a skein of sock yarn, and two balls of baby merino. I love those two, they're so soft! And sock yarn! I love sock yarn. Sock yarn rocks lol.

There was also a tape measure and a needle gauge, and the cutest little snail! I LOVE him! I don't know why it's a he, since he has a pink body, but he is. I love him!!

Look at the close up of the snail. He doesn't have a name yet. What should I call him?

There are also a TON of sweets. I am so seriously spoiled.
Yummy... and...

More sweets! Including some chocolate covered cherries that are alcoholic, which I did not know until I bit into one and I choked on it lol! So good. Yummy... also, some candles.

Consider me spoiled. Thank you so much Stephanie!!!


Nano said...

Woohoo! Quite a birthday haul there. And it's just great fun getting stuff anyway. Love the gloves too.

Andy's Crafts said...

You did great with the package,the snail is very cute, the warmers look very nice. Congratulations!