Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's like I've died and gone to monkey heaven

Ok guys, so I knew already that my cousin, bestest friend, (possible twin separated at birth) and co-blogger loved me but I don't know that I knew she loved me quite this much. She sent me a package with so many gifts! Wanna see?




Then get out of here, I'm showing off! :)

For those of you that stayed... hi!! Ok, first, she made me not one, but TWO pairs of socks! The first are out of knitpicks bare that I dyed myself a long time ago, but the yarn got tangled and I couldn't get it undone, so I sent it to her and told her if she could untangle it, she could have it. I had NO IDEA she made these from it!

I LOVE them!! They're her own pattern, and you can't see in the pic very good, but they have little tiny cables. I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a picture of the cables. My camera hates red so... but they're there, trust me, and they're GORGEOUS. Then she made me these, which I didn't even know about.
She said that she made them on a day when I was working and she missed me, so she went to her lys to buy yarn so she could make them for me! Am I the most special person ever or what?

A long time ago, she made me a Kiri, and she had never been able to send it to me (shipping from Canada to America in a box can get expensive) and I got it too!

It has beads on the bottom that are unphotographable, but they're so pretty. It's so warm. I know cause I'm wearing it.

Also recently, she went on a dishcloth making extravaganza, and I got three dishcloths from that! :)

But wait, there's more! She bought me Rio De La Plata yarn, which is kinda like malabrigo only not quite as soft, but still yummy, in a pretty yellow color, and some yarn I didn't know about, it's called Diamond yarn luxury collection fancy free, and I had never heard of it but I LOVE it, it's fingering weight and it has ALPACA in it. It's the red stuff in this picture.

Also in that picture is a little journal, and a bookmark with a little chocolate lab puppy on it, and if you can't read it, it says "Stop and Smell the roses."

But, I saved possibly my favorite part for last. No, that's not true. I don't have a favorite part of this package. I love it all equally. Anyway, she made me a yellow baby hoodie, and a crocheted yellow baby blanket!!

I don't know what the pattern for the hoodie is, but I think the blanket is the tiramisu pattern. I only remembered that because she kept saying "you know, it's a kind of dessert?" :) Here's a better pic of the blanket.

Angie? You are the BEST. EVER. I love you!!!!!!!!


Angie said...

Aww you're so cute! lol And you're lucky that blanket is such a bright yellow or it would never have made it into the box. I'm glad you loved everything so much. Wooo the socks fit!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have the best friend EVAR!!!! What a great package of goodies you got! O hai Angie, wanna be mah frend?


Tracy said...

What a great package! I didn't believe anyone was that lucky!

SupaCindy3000 said...

What a great package!!! You are definitely loved!

Nano said...

Everything you received is amazing. Angie, you are a great friend! Um.. now I can't wait to see what you send Angie. Heheh.

Angie said...

Yeah what Nano said! *grin