Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Without It You're Just Water

I usually tend to keep the blog for just knitting content but I have to post about something else tonight.  My grandmother, the woman who inspired in me the love for all things yarny, passed away a few days ago.  Her funeral was yesterday.  I wasn't able to be there for her last days or the funeral and that was tearing me up inside.  The past month has just been a trainwreck for me.  My hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows have even been falling out.  I go from being ravenous and eating an entire bar of dark chocolate in one day (did that twice) to not wanting to eat at all.  But I'm feeling a little better now.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit about Grama, because she was truly one of my favorite people in the world.  When I was growing up Grama lived right next door, so I was always at her house.  I ran to her when I was sad because she was never too sad or too stressed out or too busy for me.  My first crochet project was a baby blanket for my nephew (he's 13 now holy crap! lol) that I did with her.  She ended up doing most of it but I remember sitting on her couch sewing together the squares.  

Grama always had a knitted or crocheted project going.  Her favorite things to make were baby things or doilies and other lacy things done out of crochet cotton.  I think that's where my love from lace comes from.  :)  She tried several times to teach me how to knit and I never got it until I taught myself, from a book.  But I remember how proud of me when she saw that I'd finally got it.

Grama suffered from a disease that filled her lungs up with scar tissue and fluid, so she and I didn't talk very much because talking on the phone made her cough.  A few days before she passed away my cousin set up a web cam in the room with Grama and I went out and bought one just so she could see me.  I couldn't see her that well because she was too far away from the cam but at least she got to see me.  Grama was a believer in reincarnation and believed that at the moment she died a baby girl would be born and she would be reborn in that body, so happy birthday Grama.  Hope this next trip around the sun is the best life you can possibly have.


Krystal said...

*hug* That was so beautiful hon. There are no more words, because you know I love you.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...


Lots of hugs and prayers for you my friend..