Thursday, January 15, 2009

It doesn't matter how much you make that noise, I'm not barking at you

Snow snow snow!!! I am sick of all the snow. I hate being cold. It is, right now, 7 degrees F and feels like -10. That's freaking cold for Ohio. The dogs, however, love it.

Storm honestly can't get enough, he loves to play in the snow as much as possible, and would all day if I'd let him.

Anyway, the other night I hoped to finish the first of my "Swan Maiden" mitts, but I couldn't do it because I'm not used to working on dpns and they started to hurt my hands after a few HOURS of ribbing. Seriously, I don't know why, but that ribbing killed me. Anyway, here's what I have right now. I'm about halfway done with the thumb gusset.

I LOVE them. The yarn is the Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock yarn in Sunshine that Zortified got me for my secret santa gift. I am so in love, and can't wait to be done. When my hands start hurting from working on them, then I go to either Icarus or my heart socks that I posted about the other day... oh. I guess I didn't? Huh. I really could've sworn I did. Oh well. I'm making these Heart Socks from "New pathways for sock knitters."

There were some issues at first, but that was because I am an idiot. Everything's fine now. :) I love them.

Everyone staying warm out there?


smariek said...

Your Swan Maiden is coming along very nicely!

Everyone is complaining about cold/snow, and here we are in SFBA where it is unusually warm for January. This is totally screwing up our rainfall.

Corvidae said...

Love your Swan Maidens, they're coming out beautifully! : )