Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rum goes with everything

Hey guys. I know I haven't been posting much, but I have been getting lots of knitting in. That is, when I haven't been playing final fantasy x. I was a bit obsessed with that game (it's addictive! It's not my fault...) until it started to make me want to die every time I played it (because of my headaches... I NEED new glasses.)

Anyway, I've been knitting like crazy. I made two doilies that both look just like this...

Except that the second one is a little bit nicer and hasn't been blocked yet. I may even reblock the first one, it's a pretty crappy blocking job. Maybe I'll spray block it in the morning. I'm going to give it to my mom tomorrow. :) The second one is for my Angie (Hi Angie!!! *waves*) The pattern is "Flacon" which comes from a web site that offers a lot of tablecloths and stuff. The yarn is knit picks bare lace weight that I dyed myself, a silvery gray color (not purple, though it does look slightly purple in that pic...).

I was also working almost obsessively on my Clapotis and have finished the first ball of yarn. I'm starting to think it'll only take 3 even though people said it took them 4. I'm 2 repeats into the 12 repeat section on the straight knitting part.

The color is just a little bit softer than it is in that picture. Here's a close up.

Then for the last several days I've been ITCHING to cast on something, anything, two at a time, so I cast on this morning a pair of baby socks. I made up the pattern as I went, though you can see what I did (and what I'm doing) on the project page for them on ravelry. The yarn is Patons Kroy, color "Crayon Jacquards" and they're on size 3 circulars.

I also cast on for a baby surprise jacket, but I'll share pics of that when I get farther along.

The blog circle thing in FGF insanity this week is comfort food. I don't really have a comfort food recipe, so I wasn't going to post. But I decided to share my biggest comfort food. Sugary cereal. See, when I was a kid (until I was like, a junior in high school lol) my dad would make me a bowl of cereal every single day. He would always always have it ready right on time, because he'd get up to make it when he heard me brushing my teeth. He would also usually have a glass of OJ, and he'd put on a cartoon or, when I got older, whatever TV show he could find that I would like. I'd only watch like, 15 minutes of it, but he always did it anyway. It was like, our thing, and I seriously miss it sometimes. :)

Oliver didn't want me to share this picture with you, but he was so cute, how could I resist?


Angie said...

Aww, it's the "ball of snuggle" Oliver picture! He's so adorable!

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful knitted doily. The only doily I did was crocheted. I didn't know you could knit them.

Cereal... I think it is a great comfort food. What a good memory to have of your dad. I think my girls lived (probably still do!) on cereal. And my granddaughter loves Cherrios.

Oliver is cute.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I have never made clapotis, but I really want to start one. I may have the perfect yarn in mind for it.

Mary Ann said...

Your doily is beautiful, but I've already told you that!

What a great memory to have of your dad! I still eat cereal just about every morning, but not the sugary kind.

Oliver looks so cute! I love cats!!

Tracy said...

You're clapotis looks so squisy and soft!