Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Muzzy! I'm not insane!!

Hey guys, how's it going? Ugh the weather out here sucks. It's snowy and icy and yucky. The dogs love the snow though. I'll direct your attention to this post last year when we had all the snow. Yeah, they really really love the snow huh?

Anyway, getting caught up on all the stuff I've done lately but haven't told you all about... ok, so on Thanksgiving, my nephew Zach, who's 5, saw me wearing these socks. He said "Aunt Krystal, could I have a pair of knitted socks?" Of course, I couldn't say no to him, he's so sweet. So I asked him what color, and he said "Green... but... could they have white flames on them?" No idea where that came from but...

They ALMOST didn't fit. Well, the one. I didn't leave quite enough standed behind two of the stitches. I just did a normal basic sock, if you want to see the pattern, check it out here. I used the flame chart from these socks. The yarn is Baby Ull in dark green and white. He was so happy to have them, he opened the package and said "I know what this is!! It's my SOCKS!!!!" and then he hugged me before he even saw them all the way. Best reaction ever. Here's he is wearing them.

I had to make something for his older brother too (not that I didn't want to!) so I made him a simple 2 by 2 ribbed pair of fingerless gloves, with a thumb a-la fetching. The pattern is here. The yarn is the leftover sock yarn from the socks Zach saw me wearing. Here they are on me.

They started out tiny, and stretched practically to infinity. Here he is wearing them.

A little before Christmas, I started and finished a Koolhaas in Merino et soie. Here it is on ravelry. I love it, but it's a tiny bit small, meaning I have to keep pulling it down. I also missed a cable cross but... you can't see it unless you look.

One last thing for this post, though I have a lot more to share with you. Remember Emmy's elephant that I started last... uh... May? And lost his head, and then he was headless? (We called him "Stumpy the headless elephant...") Well, I found his head!

Isn't he absolutely adorable? I am sooo in love with him, I almost couldn't give him away. We have to stop calling him a he though, because I think he's pregnant.

Here he is in his scarf I made him out of smooshy sock yarn. I thought he'd need it cause his feet are white, they look like snow.

He's made out of Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted, color is carnation, and his feet are Wool-ease. The pattern is Baby Elephant by Hansi Singh. She has such awesome patterns. I'm thinking about making another one in yellow, cause I like yellow.

In other news... reading this week: Well, the other day I read "Spell of the Highlander" by Karen Marie Moning. I needed a quick, brain candy romance novel. It's a little heavier than your average one, but it's really really good. I love it. I'm now rereading "Bloodfever" by the same author which is book 2 in her "fever" series, because the newest one, "Faefever" just came out and I needed to read it again cause I forgot. :)

What are you all up to?

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