Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't worry, I hadn't started to lose my clothes yet

Hehe, that title just cracks me up... So, I've been all about the cotton lately. I can not get enough, as witnessed in the last post. Since then I've made 3 dishcloth type things. The first was using the baby genius burp cloth pattern. The second one was a garterlac dishcloth.

The third was this thing called a tribble (No pic yet). And I've cast on for another garterlac one. I'm also going to make a crocheted one... which, I actually might do next instead of the garterlac one. It's called an"Oh so soft baby washcloth," and I really wanted to do it in the Bernat Cottontots, but I can't find it anywhere, so I'm going to do it in normal cotton, but just for a washcloth, not for baby lol. So, with all that in mind...

O is for... obsession. That's right. Obsession.

On the left is a lot of my cotton. Not all. A lot. There are still 5 or six balls of cotton ease (what? It's for the baby blanket. Remember it?), and a few other balls that I couldn't find. On the left is part of my sws collection. Only part because... well, the rest doesn't fit on there and... well, I'd prefer for Angie to not know exactly how obsessed I've become. Honestly, I've got it under control. Promise.

Anyway, Dave got me some of these things....

To keep my knitting supplies in one, and my beading things in another if I want. Beading you say? Stay tuned. I've made a LOT of stitch markers in the past week. I'll be blogging about them in the near future.

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