Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That's what happens when you make cookies by yourself

So, you know those days when you get out of bed and soooo wish you could just go back to bed and never come out again? Well, this is SO not one of those days. :) I got paid today, and I went shopping. I bought some yarn...

Ok, I may have been a bit liberal with the word "some" there. I got a lot. I got nine balls of peaches n cream cotton, to make dishcloths, and two balls of patons sws in natural earth to make an entrelac scarf. I already had one. That orange and black cotton is going to be Halloween dishcloths. Angie says that it's impractical because you won't get to use them much, but I said seriously, who's going to know what dishcloths I'm using? Plus, I like em, so there. So now I'm going to go make some stitch markers (I'm getting really good - so good that I'm thinking about selling some) and eat some pixie sticks.

I'm not going to eat them all at once. Really. Promise.

And look! Oliver really likes yarn.

He was sleeping on it before he was so rudely awakened. Hehe, I'm off to get high on pixie sticks!


Domestic Extraordinaire said...

cool yarn score. I try to decorate my kitchen for holdays and have holiday themed dishclothes.....so there...*grin*

Oliver is getting so big! What a cutie!

Knit and fall back in it said...

You are gonna be busy with all that dishcloth cotton!!