Friday, August 29, 2008

Think that guy has enough lamps?

Ok, so I got lots of knitting done today. I cast on for this baby blanket from Lion Brand which is knit on a bias (I actually started to do the pattern on my own but started over with theirs because I like the way theirs starts better). I actually did change one thing about the beginning. The first inc row is supposed to be k3, yo, k2 but I didn't like that. I did k2, kfb, k2. Much better. :)

The yarn is bernat baby jacquards, and for a 100% acrylic yarn, this stuff is pretty good. It's not squeaky at all, and it's really soft. It feels a LITTLE weird but I like it. I LOVE the way the stripes look so far. Obviously, the striped sections are going to get smaller, but that's ok. My friend Rachel said to me today, "Is that a blanket for your imaginary baby?" which for some reason seriously cracked me up. Yes! It is. Just because he's not conceived yet does NOT mean he's not loved. It's not his fault he's just a little bitty egg, right?

Anyway, I got new yarn today! It was yarn that was being clearanced because there were no more of that dye lot at the shop. It's one skein of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport, in Irving Park, and one of the same yarn but sock weight in forest.

LOVE them. Can't wait to work on them. Unfortunately, I must finish some things before casting on for something new. If you would see my projects page on ravelry... phew. And of course, there are a couple of things not on there... like, for example, the Mystery stole. :) Here's my swatch. That's right. I made a swatch. Like, first time ever. Except once to see how yarn would felt, but I turned it into a coaster so it wouldn't ruin my image as the no swatching goddess. Or something like that.

Which beads do you like better? The red/copper ones or the gold ones? By the way? That's the yarn I dyed. I was going for silver. And I would have to say I rock. It's slightly heathered but silver all the same. :) Yay for dyeing!

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Domestic Extraordinaire said...

cool yarn. Love the baby blanket so far. I like the gold ones best. I have thought of doing the mystery stole but I am not sure. Hmmmm......