Monday, August 11, 2008

I have to admit, sewing the monkey's boobs on was quite a challenge

Ok, I'm really really far behind on my ABC-Alonging, so I thought I'd post today and start getting caught up. Soooo...

N is for... NOSE!

This is a picture of a nose. It may or may not be mine. Use your own judgment. Suffice it to say I did take this pic.

The reason behind the nose pic is twofold. 1.) I am a VERY nosy neighbor. I spend a good deal of my time sitting in my office, and anytime anything goes on with my neighbors, I know about. I also know what all my neighbors drive, and like to play the "Who's car is that?" Game. I also strongly suspect that one of my neighbors is having an affair. Just sayin. :)

2.) My nose? An integral part of my face. Without it, I would look funny.

Thought I'd also share with you today the baby blanket I'm making. It's called "X's and O's."

Any guesses why? :) I'm making it out of Plymouth Encore worsted, in dark lavender and light yellow. I love it. It's made in strips, so that's two of them, side by side. I'm going to sew them together using I think blanket stitch. If that's the stitch that you can see when you sew them together. I'm also going to do a blanket stitch over the squares that aren't actually sewn together, so it looks like it was harder than it was. :) And I'm going to add a backing. I'm hoping to find a fabric that matches and has X's and O's or something like that. So cute.

Ok, I'm off to the grocery store.

Oh, by the way... head over to ravelry and go to the Fingerless Gloves fanatics group, and if your birthday is in the fall, sign up for the fall birthday swap. You know you want to.

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kasiaiscarly said...

hey, fun! my friend jen designed that blankie ;)