Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wait... there's a blog post without a title!

Snow Day! Anyone wanna see some pics of our snow, and the puppies' idea of a DARN good time? I'm not going to caption them... but do leave comments telling them how cute they are, they love that!

Also, I made an loldog of Storm!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Everyone go here and vote for him! (Actually, that link takes you to the lolcats website, but he's on both. You just can't vote on the loldogs site yet.)


Angie said...

Wow, Storm has gotten that big burly man-dog chest since the last time I saw him! What cuties your furry kids are!

Diane said...

Your dogs are awesome!

Ughhhhhhh, snow. We got some here too, but I hear you guys got bombarded with snow. So sick of it. Just stay inside and knit!

Heather said...

You think that is snow...ROFL! That ain't nothin! I think we got sacked a touch harder.....I have some pics of Oscar in the snow playing. I went out for a bit yesterday to shovel (which I shouldn't be doing) in vain, as just as I came in our friend with a plow, plowed the drive. I really wish he would have let me know he was doing that...LOL!

Cute doggies!