Friday, March 28, 2008

I don't have the right kind of fortitude to not know what there is!!!

Know how I was going to clean my office today? Yeah, that wasn't happening. See, there's this small problem. If you can't bend over, it's ridiculously hard to clean. Seriously. So instead, I did some homework and watched TV all day. Sound fun? I also got a little bit done on the sock. The bad news is that this month's second sock (broadripple, for those of you keeping track) is NOT going to get done. The good news? I'm casting on tonight (or maybe tomorrow) for this hat. I'm using my new yarn (The Nashua creative focus stuff) and... wool-ease sparkley stuff. I know, not the best compliment...

But I think it will look ok. I hate to pair such an amazing yarn with such a blah yarn but... if I don't like it, it's no big deal, I can just rip and find something else. It was only like, 1.90 or something insane. I also had to do this... I bought, you guessed it, more buttons.

And I bought a little vase to store them in, cause I'm cool like that. Also, it was only .77 cents.

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