Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You think he's crazy now? You should see him on bubbles

Wow, I have lots to share with you guys. First and foremost, before I forget, my scavenger hunt partner got her package! So, go see Jenn's blog to see pics of the stuff I sent her. :)

I bet you're all wondering what I've been up to? Or, more likely, you're thinking "when do I get to see more pictures of yarny goodness????" Well, then, today's your lucky day. (If you don't come here for the yarny goodness, but instead are interested in fish or to see what the elusive (and late) letter "E" for the ABC-along is, keep walking. Nothing to see here.) I have knitting content. First, I'm to the fingers on Dave's gloves. I thought they were going to be too small (I still think it) but Dave likes the way they fit. The pinky is too small though, so it needs adjusted.

I like the way it fits me, almost. It's just a tad too tight. Strange, since his hands are too big, but he likes them, so whatever. I spent the rest of the day (after soaking Dave's gloves to see how they'd grow...) Working on this.

It's a horrible (colorwise) Picture of my Spring Swap (ravelry link) partner's glove. I'm making the symmetrical braided gauntlets for her. I like them a LOT. It's going to be a bummer to give them away. But, it's ok, because this came in the mail yesterday!

I LOVE them. Love love love them. So very, very much. It's my gloves from my spring swap partner. They are Victorian Gloves (beadless), made from Manos del Uruguay Cotton Stria (ravelry link) yarn and I absolutely love Mary for making them for me!! Thanks!! She took much better pictures than I did, so go check them out on ravelry.

I also wanted to share with you a couple of my recent purchases. First, I bought this.

That is a ball of Trekking, in a "denim" colorway. I'm going to maybe make myself a pair of socks from it, but more likely I will be only making more baby socks with it. Boy baby socks. On the right is a ball of "Galway" worsted weight yarn which, I'm told, is exactly like Cascade 220 in texture, size, and felting, but without the color selection, but I digress. It's this... isanely bright eye-searingly pink color that I LOVE for, what else, probably fingerless gloves for me. (I dunno, could be that button hat I think I talked about before... we'll see. Or a set!!! Nah. I'm not that... pink-y). Anyway, I finally have to share with you my latest obsession.

Buttons. I've decided that every time I go into a craft store or wal-mart, I'm going to at least look at the buttons. The first thing that calls out to me, I buy. I will eventually buy bigger sets, but for now, that's what I have. I mean, Angie has a button collection, and wouldn't it be a cool thing to pass along to the next generation? I need a cool tin now.

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Diane said...

Oh I love buttons! They are fun to collect. Quite a few years ago when my great aunt died I got her button boxes. Lots and lots of old buttons in there. A lot of them still have little pieces of cloth or thread attached. They used to cut buttons off old clothes and recycle them. Once in a while I'll use one on something, and it will remind me of her. When my kids were little and I used to sew a lot for them, I swear I'd spend more on cute buttons for their clothes than I spent on the fabric. Some stores had it where you could just buy individual buttons, you picked them out of the showcase, as many as you needed, and they were priced singly.

Your mitts are cute!