Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wow. Pee almost came out my nose

Hey guys! I have good news, bad news, and more good news. The first good news is that I finished the heel on my broadripple sock and picked up the stitches, ready to start the gusset decreases.

The bad news is that I am an incredibly delusional person. I finally conceded that this yarn was knitting up much tighter, the stripes weren't quite lining up, and the heel isn't the same size. So I recounted each colored section... and discovered that sock number one had 9 rows per stripe, and number 2 has 10 rows per stripe. Meaning....

There is no more sock. But the sock has been restarted and I've decided to reverse the order of the stripes, so it will start with yellow instead of light blue. I think the intended recipient will rather enjoy that. :) The other good news is that Brutus DOESN'T hate me. He, in fact, doesn't care about me one way or another. See, he was only upset when the light was on. But I've figured it out. He's puffing up at his REFLECTION. He thinks he's surrounded by other male bettas, and he's trying to defend himself. The only reason he puffs up when I'm near is because he was forced to look beyond his immediate surroundings, and then he sees himself in the glass. I figured it out because he didn't puff out until he got close to the glass, and I saw him doing it in the OTHER direction from me, when he was really close to the glass. So, hopefully he'll get used to himself.

Angie says that really says something about Jack, that he wasn't scared of his own reflection. Oh, by the way, she's not dead. She's actually slowly but surely getting better, I think. So hopefully she'll be back very soon. With pictures. And baby socks. And baby mittens. :)


Diane said...

Oh no! Too bad about the sock.

I'm glad your fishie is liking you now!

Heather said...

Sorry about the sock.....glad to hear its back on the needles and it didn't discourage you.

ROFL about Brutus....too cute! Hopefully you can get him used to the light.

I am hoping Angie is feeling better soon!!