Sunday, March 2, 2008

That had to hurt, especially if it was upside down

Wow what a busy busy weekend. Today, Dave and I went grocery shopping. We also visited my family yesterday. After a trip to the yarn store. :) I got me a new size three circular needle, so I can do my endpaper mitts, which are getting restarted this week. I also got this. (No, my desk is not purple-colored, just had to do that so you could see a closer match to the color.)

The picture does NOT do the yarn justice. Well, the black still looks black, no matter what. The purple, which is the yarn for my spring swap I'm doing (It's a fingerless glove swap), is so... heathered and gorgeous. I love it. The black is for Dave's fingerless gloves. I'm making him the "Beer gloves" (link is in ravelry) from "Son of Stitch & Bitch." Actually, I'm making him a pair of fingerless gloves with approximately the same number of stitches and the same fingers and cables but I'm seriously altering the pattern. I do not like the way the purl stitches look. I don't know though, he likes it. Ugh, I don't know right now. I'm about to cast on for my second "Broadripple" sock. Here's a pic of the first one. Man I have GOT to stop doing that... I cut the picture to past it where I want it, then I copy a link and lose the picture.... ok, HERE'S a pic of the first one.

That's the teddy bear my mommy bought me for Valentine's Day.

Lastly, the first person to A) Name this cookie and B) Tell why I shouldn't be eating it wins more bragging right. Angie, you don't count, as you already know the answer and will just ruin everyone else's fun. You don't get to play. So don't. :) I love you Angie..... *sweet innocent look* Anyway. Here's the cookie.


Angie said...

*grumble* I'm DIEING from the freakin plague and I don't get to play any games... you're so mean to me... *sniff*

hee hee hee

And you shouldn't be eating it because you should be sending them all to me because I loves them so!

Heather said...

Well that there is a caramel delite* cookie from your local girl scout. And I think you SHOULD eat it....LOL, there are no trans fat in GS cookies now! But maybe you shouldn't eat it if you have a coconut allergy or something. But really you should...and they taste good frozen.

*spelling may be altered...and it may not be a caramel delight in your region...I think it would be a samoa?

Diane said...

Yeah, what Heather said, I think you should eat it. I think they're called Samoas here. Now I want one . . .

I love your socks!