Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a popsicle for cannibals!

Hi Everybody!! :) Sorry for the serious space between posts, but we've been busy and/or lazy for the past several days. Before we get into what I at least have been busy with, you all should know that this is a seriously heavy picture post. Sorry bout that but I have lots (and lots) to share with you all! First of all, I got my very colorful scavenger hunt swap package!!

Thank you Teresa! Wanna see what I got? First, the yarny goodness.

And, the fun stuff! (Not that yarn isn't fun. Not at all. Just the opposite.)

Here are the categories and what each one was:
Something Hard: Two skeins of "Nashua" in a dark rose pink color (She said it was because it was hard for her to give up!) It's 75% merino and 25% Alpaca and I LOVE it!!
Something Funny: (also kind of local, if you know anything about NC, their beaches have these stickers, like OIB for Ocean Isle Beach) A sticker for your window or bumper (or, in my case, fridge) that says "AYK" which stands for "Admit you knit."
Something Local: A pepsi glass and postcard because the pepsi company was founded in her town.
Something round: Ferrero Rocher candies (My absolute Favorite, how could she know???) and a skein of Classic Elite yarn in black (so soft).
Something related to the letter T: Stitch 'n Bitch Calender (Time or from Teresa)
Something Green: The Holiday Interweave knits and leaf stitch markers which I LOVE so much they get their own picture!

And Spoilers Choice: Skein of Austermann Step sock yarn, which is probably my favorite thing in the package. I mean, you all know how much I love socks. That was something soft. :)

Thanks again Teresa, and don't worry about being late! No worries, I love it!

So on Saturday, Emmy and I decided to dye Easter eggs. (As an aside: I met with my group for a team project at school online, and I told them I was going to dye eggs, and one guy said "For tomorrow?" Duh. Seriously. No, actually, for Christmas next year. Really.) Wanna see our mess?

That's right before we got really started. I was so excited! I haven't done that in years. Here's the eggs after we dyed them.

But we weren't done there. We went on to paint them with acrylic paints. And no, we weren't drunk.

My husband was doing some work stuff while we dyed eggs, and he found this thing that he brought home for me. I told him if they ever got rid of it, he should give it to me, I can use it to display hats. I was kidding. But, he brought it home, so meet...

My new blue head. I'm going to ask you guys for your help in naming her (has to be a her. I don't know why. Just is.) And before you ask, my husband works in a home health care place and she was the display for these mask things he sells. Ok, half done. So, Monday, I decided to dye some yarn that I bought with some easter egg dye.

That was it with the first tablet. It was way too bright. So I added another tablet and, after a seriously long fight with the red food coloring, some of it. And, I decided the stove was too slow, so I moved it to the microwave.

That's pretty much exactly how it looks now. No matter what I do, it won't take any more dye. I don't know if it was me, the dye, the yarn, or what, but... all the dye didn't set. So I give up. It's drying now. Hopefully it doesn't run or something. *sigh* And, Last but not least....

Finished my swap gloves! They're being mailed out tomorrow. Yay!!!


kasiaiscarly said...

those markers are really pretty! nice package all around!

Angie said...

Oh-ma-gosh! I love those markers. Once I can come home you'd better guard them with your life cause they might go poof! lol Pretty gloves.