Friday, February 29, 2008

Stop talking about Isaac Hanson's sperm when I'm trying to write butter!

I finished my Monkeys!!! Yay!!! I'm so happy. I was seriously unsure that I'd finish them in time. But, it turns out, I did. :) Unfortunately, that is the last singleton I have that I actually like. I may do my "broadripple" sock, (that link takes you to the picture of the first sock, for the pattern go here) but I'm not sure. It's a little too small, and if I finish it, I need to find someone who has smaller feet than I do who likes bright colors... hmm. I know of a certain little girl of Heather's who might like them. Interesting. :) Anyway, here are the monkey stats.

Pattern: Monkey, from Knitty, by Cookie A.
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy, in Cool Fire.
Needles: Size 2 double pointed needles.
Mods: The only thing I did differently was I omitted the twisted rib, and opted for a normal ribbing. My thoughts are, I already hate ribbing, I don't need it to be more painful than it already is. I also decreased every round for the toes, because they were going to be too big if I didn't.
Comments: I LOVE love love LOVE this yarn. It's so... well... smooshy. :) Plus it's dyed in such a way that it couldn't pool, and it just looks... well, you can see how awesome it looks. It's a tiny bit darker than it looks in that pic. I haven't washed them yet, because I can't seem to take them off long enough. :) I'll DEFINITELY be buying more of this yarn in the future. I love it.

Now, on to the non-knitting content.

D is for... Dogs!

These are my babies. Mattie in yellow, Storm in Chocolate. I know you've seen them before but I figure there's no better "D" for me. This is us having a nice photo shoot. Well, mostly.

This is my mom and dad's dog, who we dog-sit from time to time. Her name's Sadie. She's Storm's "birth mom," although she didn't ever take care of Storm and his brother, I did.

Here's Mattie, being "The Dog." She got right in my face when I was trying to take that pic...

Storm is so difficult to get a good picture of. Most of the time when I take his pic, it ends up looking like this.

(He was barking at me.) But I finally managed to get one of him.

Thanks for stopping!!!

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Heather said...

woohoo! My monkeys aren't even to the heel, should I give up now? Yea, I think she may never take them off if you finish it up and send it to her. she would be your bestest IM friend...LOL!

Love the dogs, definetly bigger than Oscar!