Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I don't wanna go to the closet bug!

Hi! Krystal, injured as she is, is still kicking my butt on this blogging thing. Really. This is supposed to be a co blog. You can't be part of the Yarn Mafia by yourself. *shakes her head* So I'm back. I've been working obsessively on one project lately.

It's a log cabin baby blanket. I used the Mason Dixon tutorial floating around out there somewhere (ie I'm leaving for my knitting group in 30 minutes and don't have time to look lol) but once you figure it out you don't need a pattern. I'm using sage green, a dusty purple (the photos on here aren't color accurate re the purple), cranberry, and a tweedy gray. I love it so so much. This picture is actually from a few days ago. I've blown way past this point now. I'm on the second bit of green and about to start the second purple. I think I'm going to repeat the colors twice. Wanna see a picture of the rows and rows of garter stitch?

Well look no further. *smile* I love garter stitch, let me tell ya. It's strange. Anyway, got to go now. I have to catch the bus in a little less than an hour and I need to be sure my mp3 player is charged (weirdo repellent on the bus), my knitting bag is packed, and I locate the cell phone I'm taking with me. Ta ta!

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