Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That would be the first place I'd look!!

F is for.... Fingerless gloves, of course!

I have made who knows how many pairs of these, mostly because of my fingerless gloves fanatics group on ravelry. What you see there is 3.5 pairs of gloves that I made and one pair made for me. Yeah, .5. One glove doesn't have a mate because it was my second knitting project and it's just... it wasn't finished well and I'd never wear it. This doesn't count the one I've almsot finished for Dave, the pair I made for my friends Linda and Misti, and the pair I made for my spring swap partner. That's.... a lot of fingerless gloves. I don't have any otn right now (except Dave's but that doesn't count) and I miss them. I need a pair. Hmm... :)


Mary Ann said...

Yes, fingerless gloves can become an obsession I've discovered. I'm part of that group too!!

I just made a pair of the single cable mitts and it ended up that somehow I added a little extra to one, or didn't do enough on the other. Oh well, they still look good and no one will notice except an experienced knitter who looks hard!!

Mary Ann said...

Forgot to tell you---You've been tagged!