Monday, April 7, 2008

It was more interesting when it was pink panther

Hey guys! Wow what a nice weekend we had! It's so pretty and sunny... I got new clothes... and new yarn, and buttons! With all of that, you know it had to be good. Look at my newest buttons! (Wow... can anyone say exclamation marks?!?)

I love those hearts. It's hard to see but they have little flowers on them. So cute. They're the kind of buttons that have the little thin in the back instead of holes, but that's ok. I love them. They're destined for baby sweaters or something.

Now, here's something interesting I've figured out. Since becoming a Knitter (I went from knitter to Knitter the minute I finished Icarus), I've become more... granola. I don't like the idea of taking a pill all the time to make myself better (although my thoughts about that changed QUICKLY when I discovered Claritin...), I've become a vegetarian (and lost 15 pounds since I did. I don't know exactly when but I'm thinking about 6 weeks?), and I'm considering using cloth diapers when I have a baby. I'm also buying a bike (instead of a car... lol like they're the same price, right?) so I can go to the store if I want to. In the spirit of all of that, I'm making the everlasting bagstopper from Knitty.

I was ready to strangle myself until I got to the part with the bigger needles. It was mostly just the picking up the stitches on the sides and bottom of the bag, and then trying to knit 5 rows (I did 3 lol) on a circular that was too long. Not fun. Now, I'm using a 24 inch size ELEVEN needle. I love it. So so fast. I'm going to find a ribbon or something to match that button, and put the button on probably as just decoration. And instead of using the drawstring to store it like she does in the pattern, I'm going to use it to close it at the top. Fun stuff, right? :) How was everyone's weekend?


Heather said...

cute buttons...and I love the bag. I am going to have to make one for my granola-y friend for her bday in July...she will love it!

Everytime you post baby stuff I am freaking out for you all giddy and excited.....I know you want a baby and you shall be very prepared....LOL, but geez...when are you going to already....*giggle*

Andy's Crafts said...

The Buttons are adorable , great job on the bag.